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Electric Pallet Truck Safe Use Rules

Electric Pallet Truck Safe Use Rules


A pallet truck is an industrial handling vehicle that greatly improves the efficiency of loading, unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of finished palletized goods. However, as the special equipment of the factory, the battery operated pallet truck has always been a frequent point of safety accidents. The following STAXX electric pallet truck  will introduce you to the rules for the safe use of pallet trucks:


Check before starting battery operated pallet truck:

1. Before starting, observe the surrounding environment, confirm that there are no obstacles and pedestrians on the road ahead, and then start.

2. Before the electric pallet truck starts to work, the driver should first confirm that the loaded goods are stable and reliable.

3. The battery pallet truck must start slowly and steadily to ensure the safety of the goods and the operator.


When loading and unloading goods you should pay attention to:

1. The height of the bottom of the fork from the ground should be kept at 300-400mm.

2. The fork should not be too high during driving. When entering and leaving the job site or while driving, pay attention to scratches and obstacles in the sky. When loading, the fork cannot rise too high, which affects the stability of the electric pallet truck.

3. After removing the fork, the fork should be placed in the normal driving position.

4. When turning, if a pedestrian or a vehicle approaches, a driving signal is issued first. Do not make sharp turns at high speed, it will cause the fork to roll and lose lateral stability.

5. When the electric pallet truck is driving downhill, it is forbidden to brake suddenly when the load is not under special circumstances.

6. The battery operated pallet truck should abide by the traffic rules in the factory and must maintain a certain safety distance from the vehicle in front.

7. When the electric pallet truck is running, the height of the loaded items must be in a visual position that does not hinder the driving, and the load cannot be increased during the stacking or shipping process.

8. The cargo height cannot block the driver's sight. Under special circumstances, when the item affects the front line of sight, you should drive at a low speed when reversing.

9. When the battery operated pallet truck is lifted or driven, it is forbidden to stand on the forks to balance the goods.

10. Check and report the problems found in a timely manner. When the workers find that the electric pallet truck has hidden safety hazards, they will never hide it.


Battery pallet truck loading and unloading should pay attention to:

1. When the fork is loaded, the distance of the fork should be adjusted according to the needs, so that the load of the two forks can be balanced and cannot be offset, and one side of the item should be attached to the stopper.

2. Single fork operation or fork top and pull rod are prohibited. In special circumstances, safety warning boards must be set up to remind surrounding pedestrians.

3. When loading and unloading goods, the electric pallet truck must use the brake device.

4. The speed should be slow and steady. Note that the wheels do not roll over the dunnage, so as not to stretch the objects and hurt people. Note that the wheels do not roll over the dunnage, so as not to stretch the objects and hurt people. Note that the wheels do not roll over the dunnage, so as not to stretch the objects and hurt people.

5. When using the fork to fork the goods, the fork should be as deep as possible to below the load, and at the same time, it should be noted that the fork tip cannot touch other items or items. In order not to slide the load backwards.

6. When the battery operated pallet truck is operating, no personnel are allowed to stand around the forks, so as to avoid the collapse of the goods and injury to people.

7. It is strictly forbidden for fork lift personnel to work at high places to avoid high-altitude falling accidents.

8. It is not allowed to use the brake to coast, drop, circle or roll objects. Do not use forks, flips, pallets, etc. for unloading.


Leaving the battery pallet truck:

It is forbidden to leave the pallet truck while hanging items on the forks. Before leaving the pallet jack, the load must be unloaded or the forks must be lowered.


The above are the safe use rules provided by STAXX electric pallet truck manufacturer, STAXX is a professional battery operated pallet truck supplier in China, sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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