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Electric stacker has become a must-have in the disaster relief reserve

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-05
In order to improve our country’s natural disaster emergency response capabilities, various regions have built, rebuilt, and expanded disaster relief material reserves to varying degrees. At the same time, they are gradually improving and improving the quality of basic equipment. Nowadays, basic equipment includes loading and unloading equipment, technology Prevention equipment, information management equipment, communication equipment, material storage and maintenance equipment, transportation tools, etc., and electric stackers in the loading and unloading equipment have gradually become indispensable equipment in the storage warehouse. A few days ago, the Yinchuan Depot, an emergency material reserve of the Fire Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, was officially established and put into use. Inner Mongolia Xing’an League is also actively raising funds to build a new animal disease emergency material reserve. Guiyang City is expected to build 4 during the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period. City-level emergency relief supplies reserve warehouse. This is the first large-scale construction of an emergency storage depot since 2008. my country is a country prone to geological disasters, especially the southwest and northwestern regions. The construction of emergency storage depots in areas prone to geological disasters needs to be solved urgently. After the '5.12' Wenchuan Earthquake and various natural disasters, Sichuan's disaster reduction and relief system has taken the lead in the country. In the emergency command system, the province has invested 644 million yuan to build 202 comprehensive disaster reduction and rescue emergency command systems. The director of Sichuan Provincial Civil Affairs Department Huang Mingquan said that this year cities and counties will accelerate the construction of disaster reduction and relief emergency command systems, and strive to realize the interconnection and interoperability of the province's four-level integrated disaster reduction and relief emergency command systems within this year. On the other hand, through post-disaster reconstruction, a total of 834 million yuan was invested in Sichuan Province to build a total of 89 disaster-relief material storage depots, with “central-level disaster-relief material storage depots as the center, city and prefecture material storage depots as the backbone, and county, urban, and municipal material storage depots. A storage system for disaster relief materials based on the foundation has basically taken shape. According to the requirements, the storage area has reached more than 4000 square meters, the building height is about 13 meters, and there are two floors. The storage warehouse is equipped with forklifts, all-electric stackers, hydraulic pallets, stair carts, automatic balers, and touch Equipment such as material inquiry machine, and installed advanced monitoring and infrared alarm and other security equipment. For a long time, the application areas of electric stackers have been limited to the loading and unloading of palletized goods in factory workshops, corporate warehouses, logistics and distribution centers, general cabins, carriages and containers. On the one hand, my country’s labor surplus makes companies choose low-efficiency manpower operations. On the other hand, various laws and regulations for the safety of workers are not sound, which allows companies to reduce the cost of using employees at certain levels. . For example, the temporary labor system in previous years. Most small enterprises, including many state-owned enterprises, find it difficult to accept modern handling equipment. In recent years, with the deepening of China’s reform and opening up, the introduction of foreign investment and preferential investment policies for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, various enterprises in China have shown a trend of flourishing. Moreover, with the upgrading and transformation of the industrial chain, some large cities in China have entered the market. Aging, in recent years, companies’ demand for employees has increased, and labor shortages have become a focus of social concern. At the same time, companies attach great importance to the professional skills of employees. More and more companies hire employees with higher education In the same way, the use of hardware equipment and modern equipment by enterprises is also more common. After suffering devastating damage, we have more clearly realized the importance of modern emergency plans when disasters occur. When disasters occur, time is life. With the support of the state, Sichuan Province took the lead in building a modern emergency material reserve. The use of a series of modern equipment and technologies will profoundly affect the later construction of other provinces and cities. According to reports, some of the modern electric forklifts and electric stackers used are from imported brands. Considering that the emergency material reserve center is divided into upper and lower floors, more operations are required for stacking, loading and unloading, from Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Procured a batch of light-duty all-electric stackers. The rated load of these models is 1 ton, which is suitable for high-frequency and low-load operations. The most important point is that the weight of this model is only more than 600 kilograms. The floor load-bearing problem, the weight of the general electric pallet truck and electric stacker is about one ton, and the weight of the goods is difficult to ensure that the part exceeds the bearing capacity of the floor floor, and the risk factor of the operation is increased. The pumping station imported from Europe is adopted. With driving wheels, it is stable and powerful when lifting, responsive, and freely controlled. Equipped with large-capacity traction battery to ensure that it can be charged once and work continuously for 5-8 hours. With a low-voltage protection function, it can protect the battery under low-voltage conditions and extend its service life. At the same time, the battery can be separated from the car body, which is convenient for daily battery maintenance. Ensure that this electric stacker is more in line with the requirements of concentrated and high-frequency operations in emergency centers. It is a general trend that modern equipment will replace low-efficiency and high-cost human labor. With the upgrading of the industrial chain and the continuous advancement of international standards, as well as my country’s control of environmental pollution and the respect for the concept of green environmental protection, power-driven energy-saving equipment is inevitable. It is a rookie of general material handling equipment in the future.
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