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Engine maintenance instructions for aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-14
After long-term operation, as the acid, gelatin and iron filings in the oil are gradually added to the aerial platform stacker, the oil turns black and the viscosity gradually decreases. The new oil must be replaced during the regular oil exchange period. If the oil is not replaced for a long time, these deposits may block the oil circuit, cause dry grinding of the engine, and seriously affect the service life of the engine. In addition to the replacement items, there are also many inspection items in the repair items, and the process is also very specific and messy. First of all, in order to ensure that all the channels of the air channel are smooth, and there is no leakage in the oil channel, there is no lack of inspection of the appearance of various liquids. Liquid level, antifreeze liquid level, brake oil level, power steering liquid level, gear oil level, electrolyte liquid level, glass cleaning liquid level, etc. Secondly, the braking and power systems, which are closely related to the life of the aerial work platform, are also key points of protection. The protection of aerial work platforms includes petroleum, mechanical filters, wood filters, oil-water separators, and air filtration. Timely replacement of the above components is of great significance for protecting and restoring technical functions, ensuring the good usability and reliability of the aerial platform stacker, and extending the service life.
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