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Explain the replacement of domestic parts in Nissan forklift equipment

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-21
Based on the solution of the system oil pressure, focus on the problem of easy falling-off of the driven friction plate alloy. Because Nissan friction linings have a layer of carbon alloy adhered to the surface of the steel sheet . Although this surface is wear-resistant, its adhesion is not strong. Once the active plate and the driven plate move relative to each other, the alloy on the surface is very easy to fall off, causing the clutch to slip, the oil temperature rises, and the forklift cannot operate normally. The overall thickness of the driven friction plate is 25 mm, while the thickness of the steel sheet is 2 mm, and the actual thickness of the wear-resistant layer on each side is only 0.25 mm. However, port operations are characterized by forklifts moving in a small area, and the frequency of clutch separation and coupling is frequent (up to thousands of times a day), so the wear-resistant layer is very easy to fall off, which cannot meet the requirements of this type of forklift. For this reason, it was decided to find a set of domestic ideal active and driven films to replace imported ones. That is, CPCD6 Dalian forklift truck clutch driving disc and driven disc are used to replace the driving disc and driven disc of imported Mitsubishi forklifts. The above analysis shows that the main reasons for the frequent failures of the lithium pallet truck are: the system oil pressure is too low and the hydraulic clutch design is unreasonable. After searching a lot of data, we decided to use a CPCD6 large fork hydraulic clutch with a similar structure. The driving and driven plates replace the driving and driven plates of the imported Mitsubishi FD-45 forklift hydraulic clutch. As shown: CPCD6 and FD-45 Mitsubishi Hydraulic Clutch Original Size Comparison Table Type Model Inner Diameter W Outer Diameter D Number of Teeth Tooth Width Thickness Mitsubishi FD-45 Active Plate. Category Model Inner diameter W Outer diameter D Number of teeth Tooth width Thickness Mitsubishi FD-45 active plate 87.5mm156mm629.5mm2.5mm If the replacement is successful, the driving plate and driven plate of the CPCD6 large fork hydraulic clutch must be reformed as a whole.   Change the processing and improvement of the CPCD6 hydraulic clutch active plate. Firstly, the outer size of the CPCD6 active plate is reduced from 188 mm to 168 mm, and the inner diameter is expanded from 92.5 mm to 100 mm. Due to the size change, all the external teeth of the original plate have been removed. On this basis, a milling machine was used to mill out 6 active transmission teeth respectively, with a tooth width of 21.5 mm, a tooth height of 9.5 mm, and a tooth root circle of 155 mm. Changing dimensions such as: Clutch active disc size change table category name thickness inner diameter outer diameter tooth number tooth width tooth height tooth root circle original CPCD6 active disc size 3mm92.5mm188mm187.5mm10mm168mm size after processing. The processing and improvement of the driven plate of the hydraulic clutch uses a lathe to reduce the outer size of the CPCD6 driven plate from 165 mm to 156 mm, and the inner diameter to expand from 70 mm to 87.5 mm. Due to the change in size, the inner teeth of the original CPCD6 follower were completely removed to form a processed blank. On this basis, 4 blanks were formed into a group, and 4 10mm blanks were processed on the blanks. The process hole of the hole is reprocessed with a planer. In order to ensure the standardization of the processed internal teeth, we first grind the forming knife. Then put a set of 4 blanks on the processed abrasive tool, find the processing datum point, and then process it. For example: the comparison table of dimensions before and after processing of the active piece, category name, thickness, inner diameter, outer diameter, tooth number, tooth width, tooth height, tooth root circle, original CPCD6 active piece size 4mm70mm165mm308mm11mm87.5mm, size after processing. The processing of the pressure plate For the pressure plate, the original FD-45 hydraulic clutch pressure plate is changed from 6.5 mm to 5.5 mm with a lathe. The dimensions are as follows: pressure plate processing size table category name thickness outer diameter inner diameter original FD-45 pressure plate size 6.5 After processing mm156mm100mm, the pressure plate size is 5.5mm156mm100mm5. The effect of the modification is to assemble the improved various discs to the hydraulic clutch of the FD-45 Mitsubishi forklift truck. The effect is ideal. The lithium pallet truck clutch quickly drives smoothly and powerfully and travels well.
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