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Explanation of safe driving knowledge of electric forklift in winter

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-26
When electric forklifts are driving on icy and snowy roads, the wheels are prone to idling or slipping due to their low adhesion. Snowy ground will increase driving resistance, so corresponding measures should be taken according to different situations to drive correctly to ensure driving safety. When driving in a snowy day, slow down in advance when turning, drive slowly in the direction, and not glide in neutral; maintain a proper car-to-vehicle distance; maintain a uniform speed; appropriately increase the turning radius; do not drive violently to prevent sideways slip. When an electric pallet truck enters or exits the workshop and warehouse gates, you should get out of the vehicle and open the gates by hand. Fork spires are not allowed to open the gates; pedestrians must leave the gates to enter or exit the gates; when pedestrians are found to be close to the gates to give up the vehicles during driving, The forklift must be stopped and allowed to leave to prevent bumps and scratches to pedestrians; when reversing in and out of the gate, someone should direct the driving in the forward direction; the speed of the electric pallet truck should not exceed 5km/h. When the electric pallet truck is driving and operating in the workshop and warehouse, it should drive within the hallway marking line of the workshop and warehouse, and the speed shall not exceed 3km/h; the driver should pay attention to the overhead pipelines on the workshop and warehouse, the height of suspended objects and the dynamics of the crane. Electric forklifts are not allowed to pass under the hooks and locks of hoisting machinery, and pay attention to the safe passage distance between the upper and lower sides; electric forklifts are not allowed to roll the electric flatbed cable lines and emergency temporary lines between the workshop and warehouse span; in the machine tool pipeline and When driving next to the equipment, the distance shall not be less than 0.5m, and it is not allowed to drive on unlit passages at night.
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