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Introduction to the use of aluminum alloy single-mast aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-20
In recent years, due to the wide application of aluminum alloys, more and more products are considered as lightweight and easy-to-carry aluminum alloy profiles. However, more and more people worry about the stability of using aluminum alloy in aluminum channels. The single-mast aerial work platform clearly stipulates that it is suitable for a single operation, overload: 125kg, no overload. Because aluminum alloy is lighter and simply produces a sense of instability, we chose a stabilizer channel that uses two protective legs and a seat stabilizer to minimize the blind area of u200bu200bthe channel. The seamless transmission between the mast and the pillar is small, the minimum swing of the lifting mast, and the automatic guardrail device are determined by the pressure equipment of the patent bracket, and the lifting and falling functions are stable and stable. Combined with the imported electronic control system, it should be resonant and free to operate, so that workers can work without obstacles and improve operating power. The single-mast aerial platform stacker is mainly used for commercial decoration, industrial equipment repair, hall lighting and skylight replacement, street light repair, aerial photography and wall cleaning. At the same time, the lightweight mobile aluminum alloy aerial work platform can be pushed down and carried to the vehicle for transportation. All of the above channels use protection-free batteries. The battery can be charged for 8 hours a day. When purchasing, it is recommended that we choose regular manufacturers with product quality to ensure future after-sales service and repairs.
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