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Is there any way to effectively reduce the cost of using electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-10
1. Frequently replace tires that are easy to wear. This is a work that must be done, just like a sports car. Due to the full load of work, the tire wear is very serious, so sports cars must run for a period of time. The same, such as internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts, all use tires. Excessive wear or fragmentation of the tires will make the forklift unstable during the work process and generate huge vibrations. This has great damage to the electrical system and the hydraulic system. Therefore, in addition to choosing more wear-resistant tires when choosing a forklift, the next step is to pay attention to the material and type of the wheels when choosing a forklift according to the actual conditions of the road. What are the characteristics of the material and hardness (for example: polyurethane wheels are often used in indoor forklifts, such as electric pallets and electric stackers, because they are wear-resistant and have low working noise, while damping wheels are used for The ground is not very smooth.)  2. Keep the working environment of the forklift clean, and pay attention to the cleaning of the forklift itself. Forklift trucks work in the environment such as warehouses and production workshops. Generally, there are some debris such as wooden pallet fragments, plastic wrap, garbage, rags, production waste, etc. How these debris are wrapped around fork wheels or tires, especially manual pallets and trucks. Manual stackers will have a profound impact on work efficiency, so check more and clear the impact of these debris on forklift work in time, and often clean the floor of the forklift workplace, and even consider using plastic pallets or metal pallets. Instead of wooden pallets.  3. Add hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in time. Forklift machinery needs more maintenance. Insufficient hydraulic oil will cause the forklift to fail to reach its rated height and rated load, which will also affect work efficiency.  4. Operate the forklift in accordance with the forklift operation manual. Do not operate the forklift by mistake. Misoperation may damage the forklift in the slightest, and cause an accident in the forklift.  5. Reduce impact damage. In too narrow aisles, pay attention. It is best to arrange well-trained forklift drivers to work during this distance, and pay attention to vibration alarms and turn indicators to avoid hurting people.  6. u200bu200bTake more time to train your forklift operators and teach them safety knowledge. This can reduce the damage rate to the forklift itself and the goods, and it can also greatly reduce the forklift failure rate. 7. Arrange preventive maintenance. It is best to develop a maintenance plan and regularly maintain the forklift. In the long run, formulating a maintenance plan and implementing them can save a lot of money, which can prevent major component failures and save a lot of expensive The maintenance cost can extend the life of your forklift.   8. It is necessary to have a strict forklift management system. When the forklift is not applicable, please remove the key to avoid unnecessary damage caused by misoperation by other non-operators. To tell the operator that during the forklift process, for some narrow aisles, you must first get off the vehicle and measure the width of the aisle to estimate whether the forklift and the goods can pass through safely. 9. After working every day, take out half an hour or an hour to listen to the 'sound' of the forklift. Since the forklift is often at full capacity, in order to ensure that it can work normally the next day, please listen to the working sound of the forklift. To ensure that it is normal, whether it can be parsed and used tomorrow. In some logistics distribution centers and warehouses that require extremely high logistics efficiency, due to the large daily shipments, in order to reduce logistics costs, forklifts are almost in a 24-hour working state, please pay attention to the above suggestions!
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