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Manufacturers analyze the six conditions that need to be met by 1 ton and 3 ton explosion-proof forklift scales

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-29
The 1 ton and 3 ton explosion-proof forklift scales produced by electric pallet truck manufacturers are often used in warehouse workshops. It is a product that is convenient for weighing and carrying goods at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency. The probability of an accident explosion in a forklift scale is the product of the probability of the ignition source of the forklift and the probability of the explosive mixture during operation. In the operation of an explosion-proof electric pallet truck, in order to ensure the safe operation of the forklift, the ignition source must be effectively controlled, including:   ( 1) Reduce the exhaust temperature of diesel engines up to 300-500°C to below the specified temperature group (such as less than or equal to 135°C).   (2) It is necessary to eliminate the static electricity that may be generated during the operation of the vehicle and prevent the outside, rear and fork of the vehicle from causing fire due to collision.   (3) The diesel engine is out of control due to inhalation of flammable gas or steam when it is intake.   (4) Diesel engine exhaust flames and sparks are transmitted to the surrounding atmosphere.   (5) When the diesel engine burns normally or accidentally explodes, the flame will pass through the intake system to produce back-combustion.   (6) When the forklift has abnormal working conditions such as super high water temperature, exhaust temperature, oil temperature and surface temperature, it should be able to automatically shut down the diesel engine in time.  Only by fully meeting the six conditions summarized by the above 1 ton and 3 ton explosion-proof forklift scale manufacturers, can the forklift be truly safe and explosion-proof in the special use environment. As a domestic professional electric forklift manufacturer, we have more than ten years of operating experience in the forklift industry, a professional maintenance technical team, a good reputation and a stable customer base. We are a comprehensive company with full service of sales, maintenance and repair. To be the vanguard of the domestic forklift industry, producing high-quality products and providing perfect after-sales service have always been our company's principles. Welcome to discuss cooperation with our company.
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