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Manufacturers of aerial work platforms should pay attention to production and technology.

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-10
Manufacturers of aerial work platforms should pay attention to the following points in terms of production and skills: 1. The safety of aerial work platforms The equipment is developed to improve safety, and the mission is to take care of the safety of workers' work. This requires that we must first ensure that the equipment we produce is safe. We should carefully plan and repeat experiments around safety. At the same time, it is necessary to achieve redundant maintenance in terms of control skills. 2. Reliability of aerial platform stacker Reliability is particularly important for aerial platform stacker companies. The failure rate of the product cannot affect the power of the customer. This requires us to use high-reliability components, and we must perform rigorous reliability experiments. Third, the high-efficiency of aerial work platform Customers are all to complete the task in the shortest time. Our planning must consider the power of the product in terms of construction and delivery. Fourth, the energy-saving properties of aerial work platforms. It is necessary for us to reduce the customer's operating cost, reduce power loss as much as possible in the plan, and use the intelligent throttle system together. 5. The ease of operation of the aerial work platform. Unlike other construction machinery and equipment, the aerial platform stacker has a dedicated plane. In addition to professional training on safety precautions, operators should be able to get on duty quickly. Planners should fully consider the man-machine dialogue of the product.
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