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Matters needing attention in high-altitude lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-25
In recent days, there have been continuous heavy rains in many areas, causing severe damage. Customers who use high-altitude lifting platforms must pay attention to storage and maintenance, and pay attention to avoid rainwater eroding the equipment and causing losses. The following editor summarizes the problems that are easy to encounter during the rainy season! It is common for the mobile aerial lithium pallet truck platform to encounter rain during operation. At this time, we must stop the operation in time and store the equipment in a dry and dry area to prevent rainwater from eroding the equipment. There are also some customers who put the equipment outside directly because there is no local storage, and use some rainproof things to conceal it. Although it is possible, but in the dry season, pay attention to if the rain is too heavy, check whether the water level overflows the equipment or whether the rain Gradually on the device. If you are not careful, it will simply cause equipment rust or some other problems. The fixed equipment should be installed with drainage outlets to prevent rainwater from entering the channel underneath, and there is no way to drain it. If your equipment is installed underground or in a lower position, you must raise the channel when the rain is heavy to prevent moisture from corroding the equipment. In addition, pay attention to the storage of the fuel tank and the motor, and don't let the rain water erode under them. Not only the high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform, all other things must be done well in flood prevention and drainage operations. If due to improper storage, a major loss will be irreparable!
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