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Method for replacing tires on front wheels of four-wheel counterbalanced electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-21
During the use of electric forklifts, when the tires are cracked, damaged, unevenly worn, excessively worn, etc., which affect the safety of operation, the tires should be replaced in time.   How to replace the tire:    1. Remove the load of the forklift. Park the forklift on a flat, hard road, lower the fork to the ground, and apply the parking brake to stop the wheels.  2. Use a jack under the outside mast on the side where the tire is to be replaced. Raise the forklift until the tires are still slightly in contact with the ground. Place a block under the front side of the forklift frame to prevent it from falling.  3. Loosen the hub nut (item 3 in Figure 1-3) with a hub nut wrench or other tools until the nut can be turned by hand. The order of loosening the nuts should be in diagonal order.  4. Lift the forklift a little more until the tires are slightly off the ground. Remove the hub nut and remove the front wheel assembly. 5. Place the side of the wheel hub of the front wheel assembly on a flat, hard pavement. The pavement should be covered with wooden boards or blankets to prevent the rim from being damaged. With the help of a tool, press down the tire and remove the two half-piece cards. After removing the retaining ring, the tire can be removed.  6. u200bu200bPut the new tire into the rim (pay attention to the direction of the tire), press down the tire, place the retaining ring, insert the circlip, loosen the tire, and the front wheel assembly is assembled. 7. Put the assembled front wheel components into the hub bolts, first tighten the hub nuts one by one by hand, and then use a hub nut wrench or other tools to pre-tighten the hub nuts diagonally. The pre-tightening torque is 20-30Nm (2-3.5kgfm) . Note that there should be no grease and oil on the threads of bolts and nuts, otherwise it will affect the tightening torque of the nuts and cause unexpected safety accidents.   8. Remove the pad from under the frame, drop the forklift and tighten the hub nut diagonally with the specified tightening torque (157-245Nm).   Note: After replacing the tire, perform a test run to check whether the wheel nut is loose, and if necessary, tighten it.
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