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Operating standards for aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-04
Operators of high-altitude operations must be equipped with special exercises, pass inspections, and hold certificates. Operators of high-altitude operations must follow the maintenance rules of machinery and equipment, and initiate the lifting path after various inspections and maintenance are carried out. The operation plan of the path vehicle should be checked before the operation, and the obstructions of the turning and walking of the tortuous path vehicle should be eliminated. Supporting is a primary preparatory operation for high-altitude operation. Choose a flat ground, such as a soft or uneven foundation. It is necessary to use sleepers to cushion it before the operation can be carried out. High-altitude homework approach:   In the high-altitude homework approach, the lower arm should be raised first, the middle arm should be restored, and the upper arm should be raised last. In the process of turning operation of the lifting path, it is necessary to turn the arm after it is raised to a certain height. The turning should be slow. At the same time, pay attention to whether the interval between the scissors and the path is satisfactory for the safety requirements. Operators on the work route should wear safety belts. When working in live areas, the car body should be grounded as defined. The climbing operation of the lifting route should be directed by the operator who should follow the GB5082 standard rules for signals and lifting routes The operator makes contact. The declared signals must be understood and accurate: before the route is operated, the job manager should give the operator tips and safety explanations, and the content should include: job content and requirements; insurance matters and danger points; employee division of labor phenomena and scope of responsibility. In addition to reviewing the vehicle conditions and operators, the operator must also be responsible for checking the terrain environment, whether the take-off and landing meet the requirements of the safety skill method or the operation plan drawn up at the time. If there are revenues and expenditures, the corresponding methods should be drawn up. Work can begin only afterwards.
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