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Operation method of electric stacker

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-26

Operation method of electric stacker

There are many precautions for the safe operation of electric stackers. Here are some useful suggestions for the major users of forklifts as follows:

1. Operators of electric stacker trucks are not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, overweight, overheight, or speeding, and it is forbidden to brake suddenly or turn sharply. Prohibit stacker trucks from entering places where solvents and flammable gases are stored

2. The safety devices of the electric stacker must be complete and intact, each component is sensitive and effective, and the technical performance is good. It is strictly forbidden to drive the stacker with an illness.

3. Maintain the standard driving state of the stacker. When the fork is off the ground, the fork is 10-20 cm away from the ground. Lighten up and reduce the speed of the stacker.

4. When the electric stacker is running, if the electric controller is out of control, the main power supply should be cut off in time.

Operation specification of electric stacker

⑴Electric vehicles are limited to indoor use on flat and hard ground, and are strictly prohibited in flammable, explosive or corrosive environments such as acid and alkali.

⑵ Only trained and recognized drivers can drive this car.

⑶ Please read this manual carefully before operating the vehicle. And master the performance of the vehicle; carefully check whether the vehicle is normal before each use, and it is strictly forbidden to use a faulty vehicle; without training, it is strictly forbidden to repair it by yourself.

⑷It is strictly forbidden to use overload.

⑸The center of gravity of the goods must be within the two forks during handling, and it is strictly forbidden to carry loose goods.

⑹ When the fork enters and exits the pallet, the vehicle should be driven slowly.

⑺It is strictly forbidden to press the up or down button when the car is moving, and it is strictly forbidden to switch the up and down buttons quickly and frequently. Rapid and frequent up and down will cause damage to the car and the goods!

⑻ It is not allowed to quickly load heavy objects on the forks!

⑼ Don't put the goods on the car body for a long time!

⑽ It is strictly forbidden to make sharp turns on narrow passages. At this time, slow down and turn slowly to ensure the safety of personnel and goods.

⑾ When the truck is not in use, the forks should be lowered to the lowest position.

⑿ It is strictly forbidden to put any part of the body under heavy objects and forks!

⒀ This truck is suitable for use on flat ground or flat work platforms, and it is strictly forbidden to park on slopes for a long time.

⒁ It is strictly forbidden to overload or run on an over-ramp. Otherwise, it will cause the wheel to slip, damage the wheel and motor, as well as the safety of goods and people.

⒂ It is strictly forbidden to use the car below the specified voltage of 20.4V.

⒃ It is strictly forbidden to directly connect the power plug to AC power for charging.

⒄ When the lifting height of the fork exceeds 500mm, it is forbidden to drive.

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