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Operation process of aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-23
In order to standardize the operation of the aerial work platform, control the application process and manage it effectively, and do a good job in daily protection, maintenance, reduction of equipment downtime and protection costs, the editor hereby shares the operation process of the aerial platform stacker.  1. The aerial work platform is classified as a special operating equipment. The driver must pass the aerial work theory and driving training and pass the examination before he can drive it. 2. Drivers should carefully read the operating instructions before driving, truly understand the meaning of all signs on the aerial platform stacker, master its functions and methods, and know the five knowledge: know the effect of the handle; know the emergency method; know the weight of the car , Know the channel load, know the overall dimensions of the vehicle.   3. It is necessary to keep in mind the contents with warning signs.  4. Before driving, carefully check the condition of the car and the lubrication system; pay attention to the surrounding environment before driving to ensure that the vehicle has a satisfactory range of motion; all parts should be moved without load to check the accuracy of the movements of each part. The sensitivity of each brake system and the removal of air that may remain in the hydraulic system to avoid vibration or 'creeping' during operation; due to the different models of aerial work platforms and different switch positions, it is necessary for drivers to be familiar with the functions before picking up the car. Only work in the rear; wear and use labor protection products according to the rules.   5. When entering the job site, you must abide by the various safety rules and regulations to prevent illegal operations; when entering the job channel, you must close the safety door before starting the car. When working, you must wear your seat belt and wear a helmet correctly. In the work channel bucket, it is forbidden to erect ladders or place cushions to increase height, and do not use long boards and other objects to extend out of the bucket to increase the amplitude to prevent tipping; when the driver is driving, do not use wooden boards to place Sitting and driving on the railing of the work channel. Drive steadily, do not start or stop suddenly or change direction suddenly; when turning or working, no people stand under the boom.   6. It is forbidden to work on high-voltage lines. When cooperating to change street lights, the car should be next to the high-voltage line and maintain a satisfactory safety distance from the high-voltage line. 7. After the operation is completed, drive the channel car to the parking lot or park it in a safe location, shut down the power supply, and lock the car; clean up the work site, check and maintain the vehicle; the vehicles that are not needed for a long time should be sealed and parked after maintenance During this period, someone should handle it.
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