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Safety technical operating rules for electric forklift battery vehicles

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-14
Pre-driving inspection (1) According to the specified items and standards, check that the technical condition of each part of the vehicle is in good condition. Focus on checking the steering system, brake system, horn, lights, etc., and work with diseases is not allowed. (2) Before driving, check the vehicle driving license, driving license and other necessary documents for driving, and it is not allowed to drive without a license. Driving (3) The driver of the battery car in the factory must strictly abide by the 'Factory Traffic Safety Management Standards' and the 'Safety Production Code' while driving. (4) In the factory area, workshop, cargo yard, warehouse area and construction site, you should drive in the specified safe passages. The maximum speed is 10 kilometers per hour. The speed of entering and leaving the construction site, intersections, and turning points is not allowed to exceed 5 kilometers per hour, and the speed of entering and leaving factory buildings, warehouses and gates should not exceed 3 kilometers per hour. (5) The battery car should not be driven at low speed for more than 10 seconds, and the continuous driving time at full speed and full load should not exceed 1 hour, otherwise, there should be a certain intermittent time. (6) The battery vehicles (including lithium battery pallet trucks) in the factory are not allowed to approach the fire source, cannot enter the flammable and explosive areas, and are not allowed to carry dangerous goods. (7) It is strictly forbidden to load objects overweight in battery vehicles. The carried objects are not allowed to exceed the box, if they need to exceed the box, the load must be balanced. Super high (within 2 meters above the ground) is not allowed. (8) When driving on a ramp, the uphill gradient must not exceed 3%, and the downhill gradient must not exceed 8%. (9) It is strictly forbidden to use both the driving motor and the oil pump motor of the battery forklift truck. (11) Over-occupancy in the cab of a battery car is not allowed. Vehicles without handrails and compartment rails are strictly prohibited to carry people, and mixed passenger and cargo are not allowed. (12) Drivers of battery vehicles are not allowed to leave the vehicle at will during their work. When you have to leave the car due to special circumstances, you must pull down the switch, remove the electric lock key, and lock the door. Maintenance after receiving the vehicle (13) The electrical components of the vehicle are strictly prohibited from touching metal objects, and metal objects are not allowed on the top surface of the battery. (14) The specifications of electrical system components such as wires and overcurrent protection devices shall not be changed or replaced arbitrarily. (15) The terminal joints, connecting wires, etc. of the battery pack must not be in contact with the bare part of the wire, and the wire of the battery pack must not be in contact with the car body. (16) The charging place of the accumulator should be well ventilated, and fire and smoke should be strictly prohibited. (17) When repairing the car, the power supply should be cut off, the reversing joystick should be placed in neutral, and the hand (foot) brake should be in the braking state. (18) When inflating tires, check the bolts (caps) that fasten the tires first.
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