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Six Reasons Lithium-ion Batteries Work Better for Pallet Jacks than Typical Power Sources

Six Reasons Lithium-ion Batteries Work Better for Pallet Jacks than Typical Power Sources


Lithium-ion batteries are progressively replacing older battery innovations in a variety of applications. When it involves material handling and also electric pallet vehicle particularly, the button is occurring for a variety of compelling reasons.

6 Factors Lithium-ion Batteries Job Better for Pallet Jacks than Typical Source Of Power

1. No Need to Water Lithium-Ion batteries

Lead acid batteries require normal watering to maintain battery health. Watering is called for because when lead-acid batteries charge, water in the electrolyte splits into hydrogen and also oxygen, creating explosive unsafe gas that has to be aerated. This process, in addition to dissipation, decreases water levels in the battery. If the water is not changed and the battery stays in use, it causes damages as well as decreases the battery life. In addition, overfilling the battery creates a threat of acid spills, a messy and unsafe business.

Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, are totally sealed and also need no watering. Billing and also cell balancing is checked by the battery administration system so equalization fees are never ever needed as well as no unsafe gases are ever before created under regular usage.

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries Charge Faster

Battery cost times differ depending upon battery ability, chemistry, and also battery charger result. Lead acid batteries create a considerable amount of warm when billing and need a 'cool down' duration later. A typical charge/use cycle for lead acid is 3-4 hours use, 8 hours cost. In contrast, STAXX lithium-ion battery could be 3-4 hours make use of, 5 hour fee, with fast battery charger, it is 2 hours fee. This enables the battery to be utilized continuously, while billing throughout breaks as well as lunch.

When running 2 or three shift procedures, lead-acid batteries normally remains inside the maker for billing, suggesting added unit is needed along with storage space locations with air flow for hazardous gases. On the other hand, with an extra lithium-ion battery, you only require 6 secs to switch the battery and continue the job, nor do you need aerated billing/ storage space areas.

3. Bid Farewell to Acid and Lead Contamination

Acid spills and lead contamination have negative impact to industries such as food handling, grocery store, pharmaceutical and also drink distribution. No company desires staxx pallet truck to be a resource of contamination for their items or staff members. By moving from lead acid to lithium-ion batteries, you no longer require to bother with acid spills and lead contamination.

4. Lithium-ion Lasts Longer

Lithium-ion innovation is extensively used in portable digital gadgets since it offers long runtimes, as well as has superior cycle life. Leaders in the lithium-ion sector for commercial applications, are taking the advantages of lithium-ion and applying them to product handling applications. The total life of lithium-ion batteries for pallet jacks last 2-3x much longer.

Runtime testing has actually shown that lithium-ion batteries have actually significantly enhanced runtimes when contrasted to lead-acid. A lithium-ion battery in an electric staxx pallet truckruns 45% longer than likewise rated (amp-hour) lead-acid batteries. This combined with quick billing abilities equals less downtime as well as greater productivity.

5. Lithium-ion Batteries Are More Powerful

Lithium-ion batteries have flat discharge curves and provide greater constant power compared to lead-acid. This basically implies that you can continue using your lithium-ion powered pallet jack without bothersome sluggishness as the battery drains pipes. Maintaining your inventory relocating and also workers pleased.

6. Simple Switch Over to Green Modern Technology

There are numerous benefits when transforming to lithium-ion innovation, including the straightforward truth that lithium-ion is a more 'eco-friendly' solution, with zero discharges, no lead, and also no acid. The chemistry is likewise a lot more effective, suggesting you'll be using up to 30% less power, decreasing CARBON DIOXIDE exhausts. The batteries additionally last longer, implying you're making use of 3-5x less batteries, even more lowering CO2 emissions. 


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