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Why is the fuselage shaking of lithium pallet truck?

Why is the fuselage shaking of lithium pallet truck?


Lithium pallet truck is now more and more common, now for logistics handling is very useful, but many manufacturers use lithium pallet truck sometimes problems, how to solve? What causes it? Staxx Lithium Pallet Truck Supplier is going to talk to you about the reason for the body shake of the Lithium Pallet Truck.

lithium pallet truck

The reason of fuselage jitter of lithium pallet truck

1. Aging of engine parts; lithium pallet truck is also related to aging of engine feet. The engine foot is actually the engine shock absorber system, the engine foot is responsible for absorbing the subtle vibration of the engine when running, if there is a problem with the engine foot, these vibration will be transferred to the steering wheel, the cockpit, resulting in idling shake.

Solution: Replace parts

2. The most common reason for the motor jitter caused by serious engine carbon deposition is that the throttle is dirty or the fuel nozzle is too much carbon deposition. When the engine internal too much, cold start injection head spewing gasoline will be carbon absorption in great quantities, cause a cold start mixture rare, makes the start is difficult, this kind of situation, only wait for carbon absorption of gas saturation, only to the car, the car after adsorption on carbon deposition of gasoline engine would be inhaled the combustion in cylinder, vacuum suction and become rich mixture mixture had a thick, when the engine idle speed after cold start shaking. The lower the temperature, the greater the amount of oil needed for cold start, the more the existence of carbon deposition will affect the smooth or not of cold start.

Solution: clean the oil circuit, check whether the idle motor has carbon deposit should be cleaned.

3. Lithium pallet truck hydraulic instability If have clean engine carbon deposition, wash for valve, changing the oil pad and spark plugs, etc., are still found body shaking when idle, suggest check fuel oil supply pressure and inlet pressure sensor is normal, if the oil pump oil pressure is not normal or air intake pressure sensor errors and bad work can trigger body shaking.

Solution: Check oil pressure and replace lithium pallet truck parts if necessary.

The main cause of corrosion damage of lithium pallet truck parts

Lithium pallet trucks can be divided into internal combustion lithium pallet trucks and electric forklifts. Most of the internal combustion lithium pallet trucks are used in ports, docks and industrial and mining places. The operating environment is relatively harsh, especially in the port and chemical industry. Due to the combined effect of subtropical zone, humid tropics, maritime climate environment, industrial exhaust gas and dust, the corrosion damage of lithium pallet truck parts is serious. Lithium pallet trucks are mostly used in indoor places such as warehouses, with small environmental changes and relatively light corrosion caused by environmental factors.

Corrosion environment inside the lithium pallet truck, such as high temperature generated by the engine, combustion exhaust gas containing sulfur and chloride ions, acid mist and leakage generated by the battery, stress generated by vibration and impact in work, local damage caused by friction and collision, are also the main reasons for corrosion damage of lithium pallet truck parts.

How to maintain a lithium pallet truck

1. Do not pull the vehicle with engine failure, abnormal steering system and damaged braking system.

2. Do not carry goods that are not fixed or loosely stowed. Be careful to handle goods of larger size.

3. Ramp driving should be carefully driven. When driving on a ramp greater than one tenth, lithium pallet trucks should drive forward on the uphill and backward on the downhill, avoid steering on and downhill.

4. No one is allowed to stand on the forks, and no people are allowed on the train.

5. Check each control and alarm device before starting. If any damage or defect is found, it should be operated after repair.

6. No one is allowed to stand under the forks or walk under the lithium pallet trucks.

7. When driving, attention should be paid to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes, and the clearance above the lithium pallet truck.

8. Do not operate the vehicle and accessories from a position other than the driver's seat.

9. It is strictly prohibited to drive without order and slip in neutral lithium pallet truck.

10. When driving on the wharf or temporary paving, you should be more careful and drive slowly.

11. Do not go up and down when the lithium pallet truck is in operation. Please use the safety pedal and safety handrail of the lithium pallet truck when going up and down.

12. Only trained and licensed drivers can drive. Driving a lithium pallet truck on public roads requires at least a Class B driver's license. To operate a fork car in the work area, a driving permit issued in person by the employer is required. It is a basic safety rule that drivers should never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In addition, modifications should not be made without the permission of the supplier or manufacturer.

13. When leaving the vehicle, drop the fork to the ground, and put the gear handle in neutral, turn off the engine and disconnect the power supply; When parking on the ramp, pull the parking brake, and use the cushion to pad the wheels when parking for a long time.

14. smooth start, steering, driving, braking and stop, in wet or smooth road surface, steering must slow down.

15. For high lifting trucks with lifting height greater than 3 meters, attention should be paid to lifting the goods above, and protective measures should be taken when necessary.

16. The clutch is strictly prohibited to run the lithium pallet truck in the semi-clutch state.

17. handling should not exceed the specified value, the forks must be inserted under the goods, and make the goods evenly placed on the forks, do not use a single fork to transport the goods.

When turning, you should obey the traffic rules and turn on the turn signal.

19. regular inspection of oil, water leakage, deformation, loosening, etc., ignoring the inspection will shorten the life of the vehicle, in bad circumstances will lead to accidents.

20. The door frame should be tilted backward as far as possible when the high lift lithium pallet truck works. The loading and unloading operation should be tilted forward and backward within the minimum range.

Do not use an open flame to check fuel oil level, electrolyte or cooling water and leakage.

When adding fuel, the driver should not be in the car, and turn off the engine, and do not ignite when checking the battery or fuel tank level.

Load driving should put the goods as low as possible, the door frame leans back. 

For more information about lithium pallet trucks, please contact STAXX Lithium Pallet Truck Supplier.

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