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Small faults cause major accidents, then the specific inspection steps for electric forklifts are as follows

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-28

Carefully do a thorough maintenance of the electric forklift, so that the electric pallet truck can handle a good working condition. To ensure the safety of electric forklifts, that is, to ensure their own work and life safety. The warning of electric forklifts, in addition to testing the lamps and operating performance, before checking the electrical system, you must turn off the key switch and unplug the plug. It is forbidden to use an electric forklift with any malfunction. Small faults cause major accidents.

The specific inspection steps are as follows:

1. Leakage inspection: hydraulic oil, electrolyte, brake fluid. Check the hydraulic pipe joints, battery and brake system for oil or liquid leakage, touch them with your hands and visually inspect them. Open flames are strictly prohibited.

2. Tire inspection

1) Check whether the tire's ground contact surface is damaged and whether the tire wear level exceeds the safety warning line.

2) The tire should be replaced in time when it is damaged or when the wear exceeds the safety warning line.

3. Develop system inspection:

1) Brake pedal inspection: Try to step on the brake pedal to see if there is sluggishness or jamming in production reduction, and whether the accelerator/brake is sensitive and effective.

2) Brake fluid check: Open the cover of the brake fluid cup and check whether the brake fluid volume is within the scale range. If the fluid volume is insufficient, please add it.

Attention for electric forklifts

Please use the same brand of brake fluid, and do not use different brands of brake fluid during marriage leave.

Do not splash brake fluid on any painted surface, otherwise the paint will be damaged.

When adding brake fluid to an electric forklift, prevent dust and water from mixing into the oil.

4. Hydraulic oil inspection and replacement:

1) Hydraulic oil inspection: Check whether the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank is between the scales, and add it if it is insufficient.

2) Replacement of hydraulic oil: Replace once every six months. The replaced oil should be disposed of in accordance with local environmental protection regulations and should not be dumped arbitrarily.

5. Battery check:

Check the electrolyte specific gravity with an electric forklift. Check whether the wiring of the two terminals is loose or damaged, otherwise it should be adjusted or replaced.

6. Control system check:

Check whether the lifting handle, tilt handle, adjustment handle, and attachment handle are loose and whether the return position is good.

7. Mast inspection:

1) The electric pallet truck inspects the mast and forks to ensure:

a. The forks are free of cracks and bending. The fork is firmly and correctly installed on the fork frame;

b. Check whether there is oil leakage in the oil cylinder and the oil pipe.

c. The rotation of the high rollers of the scooter;

d. Check whether the mast is cracked and deformed;

e. Control the lifting, tilting, and With a handle, check whether the mast is working properly and whether it makes abnormal noises.

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