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Some energy-saving measures for electric forklift motors

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-09
According to recent news, electric pallet truck motors are indispensable production equipment for all industrial and mining enterprises. How to reduce energy consumption, save electric energy, and maximize the benefits of electric motors in production? It should be summarized and considered from the following aspects.   Reasonably select the motor type. The electric lithium pallet truck Y series motor is a new series of products that have been consistently described throughout the country. It is the current leading asynchronous motor in China. Its strengths are high power, energy saving, and good starting performance. When buying a new motor, you should first consider choosing a high-efficiency and energy-saving brand, and then consider other performance indicators according to your needs to help save energy.   Reasonably select the extra capacity of the motor. The country has made the following rules for the three working areas of three-phase asynchronous motors: the load rate is between 70% and 100% as the economic working area; the load rate is between 40% and 70% as the normal working area; the load rate is at 40% The following are non-economic working areas. If the motor capacity is selected too large, although it can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, it will not only increase the investment, but also its power and power factor are also very low, resulting in the waste of electricity. Therefore, considering that it can not only meet the requirements of equipment work, but also increase the power as much as possible, usually the load rate is maintained at 60% to 100% is more aspirational. Energy-saving transformation of old-style motors: (1) Replace the external fan of the motor, and change the external fan of the motor to an energy-saving type. For different types of electric pallet truck motors, there are corresponding energy-saving fan products for selection, mainly for unidirectional work For 2-pole and 4-pole motors, the power can be increased by 1.35% to 2.55% after modification. (2) Use new insulating materials to increase the cross-sectional area of u200bu200bthe wire. Regarding high-voltage motors with pitch mica tape dipping insulation, when the stator coil is overhauled, epoxy glass powder mica tape insulation can be used to achieve energy saving.   The frequency conversion speed regulation of the motor. Use other continuous speed regulation work methods, use voltage regulator, pole-changing motor, electromagnetic coupling speed regulator, frequency conversion speed regulation equipment, etc.   Increase the voltage of the motor. When the asynchronous motor is lightly loaded, the external power supply voltage can be reduced to save energy.   Improve the power factor. Connecting an appropriate capacitor in parallel to the outlet end of the asynchronous motor for reactive power compensation can improve the power factor, reduce reactive power loss, and effectively save energy.
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