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Understanding and troubleshooting of common failures of internal combustion forklift engines

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-12-02
During the use of diesel lithium pallet truck trucks, various failures will occur. After the failure occurs, the driver must stop for inspection and repair, and must not continue to work with the failure, otherwise it will easily lead to the damage and failure of the internal combustion forklift engine. Therefore, , When the driver encounters common faults. 1. The possible reasons for the engine not starting: insufficient battery power or loose joints; starting motor gear cannot be embedded in the flywheel ring gear; no oil in the fuel tank. Solution: recharge the cargo and tighten the joint; turn the flywheel ring gear to one position,    2. Possible causes of abnormal pressure: oil level is too low; oil is deteriorated; oil pump does not work or is damaged. Solution: add oil; replace oil; repair or replace 3. Cooling water temperature is too high. Possible causes: insufficient cooling water; blocked water pipe; fan The belt is too loose; the thermostat is damaged. The troubleshooting method: add cooling water; dredge the water pipe; adjust the belt tightness; replace 4. Black smoke from the exhaust may be caused by: the fuel injector is blocked by carbon deposits, the needle valve is stuck; the load is too heavy; Remedy: overhaul, repair or replace; adjust the load so that it is within the specified range; remove and wash or replace the air filter element; adjust the fuel supply advance angle of the fuel injection pump 5. White smoke from the exhaust may be caused by: the cooling water temperature is too low; the cylinder Water infiltrates; the oil level of the engine oil is too high. Elimination method: increase the temperature of the cooling water; check the cylinder gasket; release the excess engine oil
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