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What are the advantages of lithium battery stackers compared to traditional stackers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-23
In recent years, due to the rise of the concept of new energy, many electric stackers are mostly located in the factory area, the work intensity and environment are fixed, and the work intensity is generally strong. Therefore, many advantages of lithium batteries can be used in electric stackers. Be reflected. So what are the advantages of lithium battery stackers compared to traditional stackers? 1. Lithium battery stackers can effectively reduce logistics costs. 2. Long life span: three times the life span of traditional lead-acid battery stacks. 3. Cost-saving: save more than 40% of electricity, reduce processing costs, and save battery storage space. 4. Free protection: no need to add water, no dripping corrosion and other pollution. 5. It can improve the operating power. 6. There is a fast charging mode, 1-3 hours fast charging mode is suitable for multi-shift operation, saving time. 7. The lithium battery is charged and used immediately to avoid the time and safety hazards of replacing the battery. 8. The lithium battery stacker has weaker power and can completely replace internal combustion. 9. Skills to monitor stacker and battery status, improve stacker handling level. 10. More environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution, no corrosion, no lead. 11. High-tech, more advanced, represents the direction of industrial development. Therefore, the lithium battery stacker has unparalleled advantages compared with the traditional lead-acid battery stacker, which will be the general trend. The rapid development of the logistics profession requires an electric stacker with short charging time, long use time, stable performance, high-intensity work, and a high degree of automation and intelligence.
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