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What are the advantages of the automatic control of the straight arm aerial work platform!

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-02
Domestic aerial work platform program planning has exposed some problems. In order to deal with these problems, many domestic and foreign planning software have independently developed product planning software, and have calculated and processed high-efficiency accounting machines. The planner is primarily engaged in evaluating and improving procedures. It is difficult to peek into the software kernel through exposure to technical secrets, and many software developed are aimed at a single product, which is difficult to achieve. The use of software saves a lot of planning time and effectively improves planning quality and product reliability. But the death of this kind of software lies in the high degree of relevance of the software. Software developed for cars must have great limitations. The software is difficult to use in other models, and the planning experience has not been explored the most. The planning and accounting method of the straight-arm aerial work platform is selected, and a set of more general and accurate algorithms are extracted. On this basis, the planning and accounting software for the straight-arm aerial platform stacker was developed, and the previous repeated iterative calculations were integrated into one software to improve the power and accuracy of the planning. Heavy industry has great limitations on the development of software for aerial work in the past. The software developed is not for cars, but for certain types of cars. It has greatly improved the application scope of the software, further refined the planning experience, and expanded the model of my country's aerial work platform planning software. It has important theoretical meaning and theoretical use value. With the increase of labor costs in our country, aerial work platforms are playing an increasingly important role in the safe operation and reliability of society. The use of various high-tech in the construction machinery industry has realized intelligent and automated control. According to the current situation of domestic and foreign intelligent research and advanced control methods at home and abroad, the automatic control of the ARM aerial platform stacker has been suspended and reviewed, and the product has become the highest level of ALTI. Operational channels in our country.
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