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What are the common rules for choosing a semi-electric stacker?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-05-21

At present, semi-electric stackers are popular vehicles in warehouses and logistics. So what are the common rules for choosing semi-electric stackers? Today, the manufacturers of semi-electric stackers summarize the following points for you:< /p>

First, take the brand of semi-electric stackers used in occupations with poor working environment and heavy workload as the reference target, semi-electric stackers that can withstand harsh environment testing The car is a good semi-electric stacker.

Second, the manufacturer's semi-electric stacker, the ex-factory price is always lower than the price sold by the agent, if the user finds that the price of the same type of product is much lower than the semi-electric stacker when comparing prices online When making quotations from factories, please beware of fraudulent purchases. Don't think that the price is low, just buy it immediately, think that you can buy high-quality and low-cost products, on the contrary, the quality of low-priced products will definitely have problems.

Third, it is better to know the strength and background of the manufacturer in certain fields, and to inquire online or through relevant friends, than to know a semi-electric stacker from the outside. important.

Fourth, most companies pay more attention to the trend of brand and quality rather than price. Don't follow the trend. Even if it is the same product, the planning ideas of different manufacturers are not exactly the same, so ordering semi-electric stackers It is necessary for car companies to consider the safety of the semi-electric stacker you buy. You can't just consider the price to be cheap.

5. It is best for enterprises to order pallet trucks through the manufacturer. Now there are many online sales units, but there are not many real manufacturers. The real production enterprises are welcome to visit the factory. Even if there is no stock in the workshop, there are at least semi-finished products and accessories. If there is nothing, it can only mean that it is not a real manufacturer.

Sixth, make the final decision after understanding the entire product and the manufacturer, and be assured of the products you buy.

The above points are the methods explained by the semi-electric stacker manufacturer on how to choose a semi-electric stacker. I hope it will be helpful for you to purchase vehicles. Thank you for your support.

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