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What are the driving modes of the crank arm aerial work platform?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-30
For various aerial work platforms, the scissor equipment represents the 'quantity' of the aerial work platform, while the crank arm represents the 'quality' of the aerial work platform. Boom-type aerial work platforms are in great demand in common areas such as high-altitude construction of industrial buildings and municipal construction due to their excellent operating performance. Different construction environments have different driving methods, so what are the driving methods of the articulated boom aerial platform stacker? What are the prices of different articulated aerial work platforms? The editors below will help you solve your puzzles one by one. 14M/16M electric crank arm aerial work platform What are the driving methods of crank arm aerial work platform? The crankshaft has three drive modes: electric, diesel and hybrid. The domestic mainstream is still diesel drive, while 39% of the international market is electric/hybrid drive. The replacement of the drive mode is also the only way for development. The following are the three crankshafts The characteristics and price comparison of aerial work vehicles. The electric crank arm aerial work platform combines the advantages of environmental protection and silence with the four-wheel drive performance of traditional diesel-powered equipment. It not only achieves low emissions, but also can be quickly charged. Battery 8× 6V/370Ah, the unique electric silent operation mode, can work at any time, will not disturb the normal work and rest of the surrounding residents. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor operations such as industrial plants, shopping malls, convention and exhibition centers, and construction sites. Diesel crank boom aerial work platform, which is equipped with fuel-efficient Tier 4 engine, shortens the height raising time by nearly 35%, and can reach the highest height in only 40 seconds. In addition, the engine speed control can not only effectively reduce emissions and fuel consumption, but also improve fuel efficiency, help reduce operating costs, extend the normal operating time of the system, and bring out the characteristics of high efficiency and low fuel consumption. It is glasswork and window cleaning. Ideal for workers, welders and other operators. Hybrid articulated aerial work platform, which can provide two operating modes: 'full electric' and 'hybrid power'. The 'full electric' operation mode means that the equipment can be operated with zero emissions all day after the completion of a single charge; the 'hybrid' operation mode means that the equipment only uses one tank of diesel and can be constructed for more than a week. When the construction site has high requirements for performance and efficiency, the 'hybrid' operation mode is an excellent choice, with greater mobility and easier access to the site. Battery drive or hybrid drive gradually replaces the traditional diesel-driven crank boom aerial work platform, which is also the only way for the development of the industry. The development history of international giants is a process of continuous discovery, mining, and catering to market needs. With the penetration of environmental protection concepts in all walks of life, international manufacturers have been committed to replacing traditional diesel drives with battery drives or hybrid drives. According to Access International data, 61% of the crank boom aerial work platforms on the market are diesel driven. % Is battery drive and 16% is hybrid drive. The average price of articulated aerial work platforms is expected to decrease, and the inventory is expected to continue to rise.
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