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What are the effects of forklift engine ignition advance and delay on the engine?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-11-29
1) Ignition advance has a great impact on the engine, which is manifested in the following points: 1. The ignition advance is small, which can directly affect the engine power. Generally, it is manifested in insufficient power, the lithium pallet truck is weak in climbing, and the lifting speed is slow; 2. The ignition advance is large, which has a large adverse effect on the engine, which are shown as follows: (1) The fuel consumption rate becomes larger, which is very fuel-consuming; (2) If it is too advanced, when the engine piston moves to the top dead center, the combustion in the cylinder It has begun to exert downward air pressure on the piston of the engine, which has caused the efficiency of the piston to be reduced. After a long time, the phenomenon of cylinder knocking is likely to occur. Long-term use will cause serious damage to the engine and affect its life. 2) Ignition delay: For the engine, the power output is slow, which is manifested in the lack of power, but the damage to the engine itself is relatively small.
Analysis of the phenomenon of insufficient power of the lithium pallet truck engine: it may be caused by waterway problems
Phenomena:   1) The power is insufficient when the engine is under load;   2) The pressure reducing valve is frosted.  Analysis:   1) Because the water pipe that flows through the pressure reducing valve is blocked, the heat circulation of the water circuit can not flow to the pressure reducing valve, causing the pressure reducing valve to frost (touch the pressure reducing valve water pipe with your hand, and it feels very cold). Solution:   1) Remove the water outlet pipe of the pressure reducing valve, and find that there is no water flowing out, indicating that the road is blocked;   2) Remove the pressure reducing valve inlet pipe, there is a lot of hot water flowing out, use the mouth to blow the pressure reducing valve inlet pipe and find that it cannot be blown It means that the water inlet pipe to the outlet pipe is blocked;    3) Since the pressure reducing valve has been in a frosting state before, it should be that this section of the waterway is frozen and blocking the water pipe, only the waterway is blocked, and hot water is poured on the pressure reducing valve to reduce pressure. The ice inside the valve melts, and then blow with the mouth, the waterway is unobstructed;   4) After the waterway is unblocked, the pressure reducing valve works normally, but the engine is still insufficient under load. Adjust the concentration adjustment screw of the single fuel mixer to increase the concentration of the mixer, and then the vehicle will have a strong power under the load state.
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