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What are the factors that affect the operation of aerial work platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-15
The aerial work vehicle is a very widely used aerial work equipment nowadays, and its safety issues are directly related to the safety of aerial work personnel. At present, most domestic mobile aerial platform stacker manufacturers simplify product planning in order to reduce costs, which greatly reduces the safety factor of the mobile lifting path.  The shaft sleeves of the scissor arms of the previous aerial work platforms are all made of seamless steel pipes. The shaft sleeves have poor wear resistance and short life span, which seriously affects the safety function and service life of the lifting path. With the mobile lifting path of wear-resistant sleeves, the life of the straight arm bushings is doubled. However, because of the high price of wear-resistant sleeves, most manufacturers of lifting methods now only use wear-resistant sleeves for large-tonnage lifting channels. . Most of the shaft pins of aerial work platforms are made of round steel. Assuming that they do not undergo heat treatment, the hardness of the shaft pins will not meet the requirements, and the wear resistance and strength will be poor. Using a mobile lithium pallet truck platform that does not undergo heat treatment of the shaft pin, the life of the shaft pin is short, and if the strength of the shaft pin is greater than the planned requirement, the shaft pin is simply cracked, which seriously affects the safe operation of the mobile lifting path. The equipment that is used to urgently turn off the power supply when the equipment of the lifting path has defects and cannot be stopped. Assuming that there is no emergency stop, when the limit switch fails or the main contact of the contactor is stuck and cannot be disconnected, the lifting path cannot be stopped. The result is very serious, directly threatening the safety of the workers on the work surface of the mobile platform. Emergency stop is a necessary safety maintenance equipment for mobile aerial work platforms, but now many unscrupulous manufacturers have omitted emergency stop maintenance equipment. Although some manufacturers have emergency stop buttons, they do not have a contactor to control the main power supply. The stop button can only control the power supply of the motor. When the main contact of the contactor that controls the power supply of the motor is stuck, the emergency stop button will not work, and the power supply cannot be turned off, so it is still uncontrollable.  The base material of the metal structure of the mobile lifting path, and the function of the steel directly affects the strength and stability of the metal structure of the lifting path. In order to reduce costs, many domestic elevator manufacturers purchase non-standard steel materials that are lower than the national steel standards. Non-standard steel materials do not meet the strength of the planned demand, leaving a danger to the safety function of the mobile elevator method. The yaw amount of the lifting path, assuming that the yaw amount of the aerial platform stacker is too large and the stability is too poor. The component addition and installation accuracy are important factors that affect the stability and yaw amount of the mobile lifting path. Assume the processing of equipment components The precision and installation precision are low, and the components are connected and matched, which will reduce the stability of the lifting path, and cause the lifting path to roll over, which will threaten the safety of the operator.
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