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What are the functions of the scissor aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-27
The development of aerial work platforms is at a peak. Nowadays, high-rise buildings are constantly increasing, and a device is also needed to facilitate the promotion of falling goods. The emergence of aerial work platforms has just dealt with this kind of problem. The aerial industry platform not only has a large load capacity, but also is easy to maintain, which makes this unique family property develop faster. The high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform has a series of products such as scissor-type high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform and aluminum alloy aerial platform stacker. The scissor-type aerial platform stacker is equipped with hinged scissor supports, which can reinforce the longitudinal height of the landing gear, block the skew of the equipment, and help improve the bearing strength of the vertical pole. The hinged shear support is used to receive the pull rod or the pressure rod in the work platform, and the tension or pressure of the rod is mainly based on the anti-sliding strength of the fastener, so the more fasteners are configured on the hinged shear support diagonal rod The better the force effect. The length of the diagonal rod is lap joint, and the lap joint should be no less than 2 extension fasteners, and the lap length is 1m. During the construction of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform, there must be a 3-6m wide double-layer safety net on the first floor. It is also required that the outer opening of the safety net should be 60-80cm higher than the inner opening. The hydraulic lifting freight elevator must support a 3m wide safety net with the construction layer in accordance with the requirements of the regulations for the construction in progress of more than 4m. The height of the safety net on the first layer of the hydraulic landing platform should not be less than 3m when the safety net is 3000mm wide; if it is a safety net with a width of 6000mm, the height between the land should not be less than 5m. The corner frame is used to pick up the support, and use the wire rope to collapse. The outer edge of the safety net must be stretched straight, and the inner opening must be tied to the building stably, and its air attack shall not be greater than 150mm. When lifting and lowering freight elevators, in addition to a safety net must be installed on the first floor, the width of a safety net must not change every 4 floors. Ping An Net. The article comes from the Internet, please let us know if there is any infringement!
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