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What are the hazards of overloading high-altitude lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-26
Industrial Equipment () Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on aerial work plan planning, providing corporate customers with modern aerial work overall solutions and professional technical support services; the company has now served as many domestic large and medium-sized enterprises and well-known Foreign-funded enterprises provide product services and technical support, and maintain long-term outstanding cooperative relations. After direct or direct collaboration with some large domestic enterprises, the company's main aerial work equipment and storage transfer equipment have been applied to many areas such as cars, electronics, aviation, wind power, and pharmaceuticals. The following editor will give you an analysis of the hazards of overloading the high-altitude lifting platform: 1. The overloading operation of the high-altitude lifting platform will be unstable and difficult to control. Long-term overloading will also reduce the service life; 2. The high-altitude lithium pallet truck platform will be overloaded. The results of heavy work, whether it is a loss of vitality or damage to goods, may also cause personal injuries and deaths at the same time. This will do no harm to the enterprise! 3. Another reason is: the tire is overloaded, the deformation increases, and it simply explodes from the thin sidewall and deforms the rim. It will cause deformation of the frame, loosening of rivets and even cracking, and then changing the relative position of the assembly will damage the normal structure of the elevator. The function of the high-altitude lifting platform is increasingly affected, especially the steering and braking functions. Because of the rear wheel steering, the steering is light when over-planted, the wheels are swaying, which is not easy to control, and the braking function is significantly reduced, which is not conducive to safety. Excessive overload can simply cause damage to various parts, which will result in the overturning of the lifting platform, damage to the goods, and a series of incidents such as personal injury and death, damage to the high-altitude lifting platform, and damage to the goods. Therefore, everyone must pay attention when using aerial work platforms to minimize the possibility of accidents!
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