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What are the performance characteristics of the crank arm aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-30
The crank arm type aerial platform stacker adopts the multi-stage folding arm combination method for planning, which is flexible and convenient. The international procurement of key components such as engines, valves, controllers, hydraulic pumps, and operating handles can overcome certain obstacles and perform lifting in one place. More work. There are 12M/14M straight arm type, 14M/16M electric crank type, 14-16M crank type, 14M crank arm cross-country type, crawler spider aerial platform stacker, and the crank arm type aerial platform stacker. With wide operation planning, high efficiency and carrying capacity, a number of technological innovation plans have been selected to ensure that the product has appropriate and high reliability, safety and operability. Such products are widely used in plant equipment maintenance, venue construction and maintenance, state-building projects, large-scale storage, aerospace, airports and ports, municipal gardens, curtain wall engineering and other fields. The electric crank arm aerial work platform has a beautiful appearance, and the whole machine is slender. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on flat ground; it is most suitable for quiet and emission-free operation and application; it can reach upward and downward ideally in narrow areas and aisles. Overcoming expansion requirements. ●Wide work planning: you can easily operate from 0~16.8m height, 7.62m horizontal extension, 7.38m cross height and 355° all-round rotation ●Large load capacity: the maximum load capacity is 250kg, which can accommodate 2 workers And some auxiliary tools ●Weak power: use internationally renowned brand imported engines, high power, strong climbing ability-the maximum climbing degree can reach 40% ●Advanced technology: adaptive lifting equipment, defect self-diagnosis technology, anti-collision induction Equipment, hydraulic automatic leveling system ●High reliability: The engine, key hydraulic components, and electrical components are all selected international brands, and the plan is in compliance with EN280, AS1418.10, GB25849 specifications ● Good safety: overload restraint and anti-tilt maintenance system, anti- Collision equipment and automatic detection and restraint over amplitude are optional ●Maintenance convenience: the engine can be rotated out for maintenance, self-lubricating slider is selected, and the boom system is maintenance-free
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