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What are the precautions for charging electric hydraulic forklifts at night?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-04
Is it safe to charge the electric hydraulic forklift at night? What are the requirements for charging electric hydraulic forklifts at night? Electric-hydraulic forklift customers will have all kinds of questions in their daily use. The following electric pallet truck manufacturers will introduce the precautions for charging forklifts at night. Precautions for charging the electric hydraulic forklift: 1. Before charging the forklift, remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the battery and check for damage. If it is damaged, repair or replace it according to the damage. 2. During the battery use, hydrogen will precipitate, especially during the charging process and a period of time after the end of the charge. Therefore, the battery charging room should be ventilated in time and the hydrogen content should be strictly controlled to ensure safety. 3. Smoke and fire are strictly prohibited in the charging place to prevent fire and explosion. 4. Regularly check the voltage, electrolyte density and temperature of the battery. During the battery use, if the electrolyte is too high, hydrogen will be added to precipitate, reduce the bonding strength of the active material and the grid, and increase the corrosion of the electrolyte to the electrode plate. , Which seriously affects battery life.
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