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What are the precautions for the use of new batteries just bought for electric forklifts

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-26
1. The capacity of the new battery of the electric pallet truck is insufficient: check 1. The initial charge is insufficient or the supplementary charge is insufficient after use. Remedy: Check the equalization charge. 2. The electrolyte density is low. Remedy: Adjust the electrolyte density and check 3. The external main circuit is not smooth and the resistance is large. Remedy: repair the external circuit to reduce the resistance 2. The battery capacity of the electric forklift is gradually reduced: check 1. The plate is severely vulcanized. Remedy: Perform repeated charging and discharging process inspections. 2. The electrolyte is mixed with impurities. Remedy: Replace the electrolyte if necessary. 3. The capacity of the electric pallet truck has broken through and decreased: Check 1. The internal or external short circuit of the battery. Remedy: repair the internal and external circuits. 4. The battery voltage is too high when charging and the voltage is low during use: check 1. The plate is severely vulcanized. Remedy: Repeated charging 5. The open circuit voltage of the battery is significantly reduced during use: Check 1: Reverse polarity or short circuit. Remedy: Check the voltage and connection of each single battery and eliminate it. 6. The liquid temperature rises quickly when the electric pallet truck is charged normally: Check 1: Internal short circuit. Remedy: Check and repair the internal circuit. 7. Self-discharge of the electric forklift battery is serious. Check 1: There are many impurities in the electrolyte. Exclusion: Replace the electrolyte 8. The electrolyte of the electric forklift is turbid and the smell is abnormal: Check 1: The electrolyte is impure and the active material falls off. Remedy: replace the electrolyte and rinse the inside of the battery
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