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What are the problems with the development of lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-09-18
The lithium pallet truck platform is a new type of cargo lifting platform in recent years. It has a simple structure, a large load capacity, low requirements for the installation environment, and a relatively low price. It has quickly become a favorite cargo lifting platform. With the rapid development of various industries, the guide rail elevator industry is also constantly advancing in the wave of development. The scope of use of elevators is becoming more and more extensive, and there will be some problems to be solved. So what is the development of guide rail elevators? problem? Now, let’s take a look at the main problems that have existed in the elevator industry in recent years: First, innovation is the vitality of products. Because Hangzhou elevator platforms are produced by small companies, most companies have poor technological innovation capabilities, and companies do not pay attention to product updates and new innovations. In product development, products have remained unchanged for decades, with single varieties and specifications, and narrow market scope. As a result, the output of products has been declining year by year, and the efficiency of the company has also become worse and worse. Special products are still mainly imported products. Secondly, there are few manufacturers of basic parts and components that are closely related to the elevator industry, and the level of basic parts and components is also intersected. There are few specifications and varieties, and the level of supporting is relatively poor. The performance and reliability of electrical components, hydraulic components, and power components are not yet reliable. High, which also affects the development of domestic products. Finally, the state does not have clear regulations on this to restrict enterprises. There are also no clear acceptance regulations for the lifting platform, resulting in some unscrupulous equipment being mixed into the market. Since the production capacity of the enterprise cannot be reached, the after-sales service cannot be timely. Fundamentally restrict the development of the lithium pallet truck platform.
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