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What are the reasons for determining the cycle times of electric forklift batteries?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-04
The battery cycle life of an electric pallet truck is basically about 800-1500. Regardless of the brand, it depends on the use environment. The service life of a set of batteries ranges from 1-5 years. Then how to determine this time between 1-5 years ? Why do many companies use electric forklift batteries for up to 5 years, some even less than 1 year, these data are worthy of users to reflect, after all, a set of traction-type electric forklift batteries are not cheap.   Due to the short transportation interval of vehicles, frequent starting of vehicles, and parking of electric forklifts, the battery consumes relatively large power during operation, and the charging current of the battery by the on-board charging system is larger than that of other vehicles. Long-term high-current charging will increase the reaction of water synthesis in the battery, and the battery will lose more water due to gassing. Excessive gassing will reduce the separation force between the active material and the grid, resulting in scattered active materials, and electrolysis of electric pallet truck batteries At the same time, excessive gassing will increase the gas pressure inside the battery. If the exhaust is not smooth, the water vapor and acid gas inside the battery will splash under the excessive high gas pressure. Because the pressure cannot be released in time due to other reasons, there may be a risk of bursting; due to the short body of the electric forklift, the turning radius of the electric forklift is correspondingly small. For the battery installed on it, the electrolyte is due to centripetal force. The function of the battery will oscillate inside the battery, and the partial electrolyte will wash to the exhaust plug under the charging operation state. If the exhaust plug is designed or selected unreasonably, the electrolyte may overflow; due to the poor vibration damping of the electric forklift, The device that requires the battery's exhaust plug to be sturdy on the battery. At the same time, due to large vibrations, battery damage may occur: there are wall welds or busbars inside the battery, which present internal sparks and short-circuit between positive and negative electrodes, which may result in excessive internal pressure of the battery and battery burst; The active material is mechanically scattered, and the electrolyte is turbid.   Due to the safe driving, energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency of electric forklifts, the role of electric forklifts has become increasingly prominent in the production, storage and transportation of enterprises. The demand for electric electric forklifts in all walks of life is growing rapidly. A large part of the use cost of battery electric forklifts comes from the battery. The same battery has different maintenance and service life, and there is a big gap in the relative operating cost.
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