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What are the safety requirements for high-altitude operations

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-15
The so-called aerial work refers to the work carried out by people at a high place based on a certain position. The national standard GB/T 3608-2008 'Classification of High-altitude Operations' stipulates:'Anywhere operations are carried out at a height above 2m (including 2m) of the reference level of the fall height where there is a possibility of falling, it is called high-altitude operations. 'According to this regulation, the scope of work at heights involved in the construction industry is quite extensive. When working in a building, if the operation is performed on a shelf above 2m, it is high-altitude operation. So, what safety requirements should be paid attention to when working at heights: 1. Workers working at heights should wear tight-fitting overalls, wear non-slip shoes, wear helmets, climb up certificates, and wear safety belts at their waists. 2. Operators should go up and down from the specified passages, and are not allowed to climb or overturn in non-specified passages; when going up and down the ladder, they must face the ladder, hold them firmly with both hands, and must not climb with objects. 3. There should be 1-1.2m high protective railings around the high platform stacker, and the railings should be closed with dense mesh nets. 18cm high-grade footboard should be laid around the bottom of the platform, and the platform plank should be 5cm thick wooden scaffolding. 4. Workers at high places should put temporarily unused tools into the tool bag, and take them as they are used. Tools and materials that are not used should be slipped to the ground with a tether, and they should not be thrown down. They should be cleaned and transported immediately. Designated location. 5. Operators must first formulate special safety measures and obtain permission for approval when performing up-and-down grade crossing operations. When working, do not work on the same vertical surface up and down, and the lower working position must be outside the range where the upper working object may fall. If the safety requirements cannot be met, safety isolation protection should be set between the upper and lower floors. 6. When encountering heavy fog, heavy rain and strong winds above grade 6, work at high altitudes is prohibited. The article comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please let us know!
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