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What are the types of electric trucks

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2023-03-21

The pallet truck series products include: manual hydraulic pallet truck and electric pallet truck, 2-ton, 2.5-ton, 3-ton and 5-ton pallet trucks and semi-electric and full-electric pallet trucks.

To meet the needs of customers in Shanghai and surrounding areas for various types of logistics handling equipment, it officially settled in Shenzhen in October 2008. In order to serve new and old customers in Shanghai more conveniently, it has invested heavily in the construction of its own logistics distribution, and the surrounding areas of Shanghai have achieved free Delivery! And high-quality after-sales service can effectively guarantee the smooth progress of customer mechanical maintenance work, so that customers can use the products they use with confidence and peace of mind. Main business: automobile tailgate, manual pallet truck, all electric pallet truck, platform truck, stacker, lifting platform, boarding bridge and other logistics handling lifting equipment. Special-shaped hydraulic lifting equipment and maintenance after-sales service can be customized according to customer needs!

electric pallet truck

1. Advantages: factory direct sales, cheap price; 15-year-old brand, reliable quality. 2,000 square meters of warehouse storage, various hydraulic equipment worth nearly 8 million yuan, one-stop spot wholesale, fast delivery; complete models, small 1.5 tons to 5 tons, large 6 tons to 10 tons all available.

2. Working principle: Hydraulic equipment uses hydraulic drive to lift, so as to save manpower;

3. Operating procedures: read the instruction manual carefully before use, and do a safety check at ordinary times, and do not overload the operation;

4. Maintenance: The truck should be inspected once every six months after use, especially for checking oil, removing air and lubricating. Learn about common faults, focusing on control of wheels, axles, forks, lift and lower.

5. Maintenance, leasing and after-sales: provide leasing, repairing and maintenance services of various hydraulic equipment, implement 1-year three guarantees, arrive at the site within 3 hours in Shanghai area, and contact local dealers in other areas, click to view specific maintenance leasing.

6. Looking forward to the future: Unmanned trucks are the development direction of trucks in the future. Nowadays, competition in the industry is increasing, and researching technology and establishing brands are the way out.

7. Purchase knowledge: Which is the best brand of moving truck? I believe that many customers like to search for such words, and which one is cheap and how much is it. The editor teaches you how to buy high-quality and low-cost handling equipment. Choose the brand, choose the model, look at the quality, and compare the price.

What are the types of hydraulic pallet trucks that can be selected?

As an efficient tool for moving goods over short distances, hydraulic pallet trucks should be common to everyone. Many people may think that the hydraulic pallet trucks are the same from the appearance. In fact, there are many types of hydraulic pallet trucks. Everyone can choose according to their working environment and the cargo they are handling. Let me tell you: What are the types of hydraulic pallet trucks that can be selected?

1. AC type manual hydraulic pallet truck: This is an integral casting oil pump type with better sealing performance;

2. DF type manual hydraulic pallet truck: It adopts high-quality fully sealed welded oil pump, the shell seat is mechanical, and the integrated design of hydraulic pressure is reliable for leakage prevention;

3. JC light-duty hydraulic truck: It also uses a welded oil pump, which is relatively small in size and light in weight, and is suitable for handling lighter goods;

4. SD ultra-short pallet truck: suitable for warehouse operations with relatively small space;

5. LC extended truck: suitable for handling goods with relatively large volume or pallets;

6. 5.0T hydraulic pallet truck: This is a heavy-duty cargo handling operation;

7. ACL low-level pallet truck: mainly used for operations with low pallets and narrow space;

8. ZT paper tube truck: mainly to carry some cylindrical goods;

9. BX stainless steel truck: this truck is anti-corrosion and moisture-proof;

10. DX galvanized truck: This truck is suitable for special work occasions, because it is resistant to low temperature, acidification, alkali and corrosion;

11. CW Electronic Scale Truck: It is especially suitable for occasions where the truck is both cargo and load-bearing, such as: railways, highways, commerce, etc.

If you want to buy a hydraulic pallet truck, you can refer to the above introduction to choose a hydraulic pallet truck that suits you.

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