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What causes the low failure rate of electric lifting platforms

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-01
In recent years, more and more production companies need to transport goods to the 2-3 floors of the workshop during the actual production process. Because the goods are generally heavy and the transportation height is only 2-3 floors, it is not easy. If you choose to install an elevator, In addition to the high cost of the elevator itself, it also greatly increased the construction cost of the elevator shaft and machine room. Therefore, most production companies choose to install an electric lithium pallet truck platform to replace the elevator. The reason is that the lifting channel has the function of elevator vertical lifting, and its price is far lower than the price of the elevator and there is no strict requirement on the hoistway (the elevator hoistway is the demand It can even eliminate the need for shafts, which further saves construction costs. Compared with ordinary elevators, the electric lifting platform uses hydraulic system as the power source. The device is sensitive in position and does not require a mechanical room on the upper part of the building, which can make full use of the height and space of the building. The advantages of the electric lifting platform are: 1. Low failure rate: Because of the advanced hydraulic system and good control method, the failure rate of elevator operation can be minimized. Two: Low power consumption: When the hydraulic elevator goes down, it is driven by the pressure generated by its own weight, which greatly saves energy. Three: Low foundation civil construction requirements: only need to dig a pit of more than ten centimeters (the pit can be directly used for slope treatment) to ensure the convenience of goods in and out, and facilitate the installation and application of equipment. 4: High safety: hydraulic cylinders, special heavy-duty chains, steel wire ropes, and multiple maintenance to ensure the safety of equipment operation and use.
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