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What determines the lifting speed of the hydraulic lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-24
Nowadays, there are many types of hydraulic lifting platforms, and the planning is becoming wider and wider. More and more factories, workshops and families choose lifting platforms to carry goods for ascending operations. The main function of the commonly used hydraulic lifting platform is to transport items up and down. The power unit drives the hydraulic oil to generate pressure, so that the cylinder piston reciprocates and drives the table to rise and fall. The hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform can be divided into fixed and mobile types, depending on the type and load capacity. , The working speed is different depending on the lifting height and work surface, so the lifting speed of the lifting platform can be adjusted. Commonly used hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform speed adjustment has the following aspects. The first is power unit scheduling. Whether it is scissor type or guide rail type, it is controlled by the power unit and the oil cylinder. The power unit is equipped with four outlets when it is produced. It can be adjusted to increase or decrease the hydraulic oil flow of the cylinder. We can adjust the hydraulic oil flow by adjusting the motor speed or the electro-hydraulic proportional valve. The rising speed here is to adjust the size of the motor, and the falling is to adjust the oil return. Valve; secondly, the oil pipe control of the hydraulic lifting platform, the longer the hydraulic oil pipe, the longer the rising response time. Therefore, in the equipment, the length of the oil pipeline should be reduced as much as possible in the plan; the size of the oil pipeline can also be adjusted on the basis of the power unit dispatching, and the corresponding can be carried out on the premise of ensuring that the equipment reaches the normal demand safely. The adjustment of the oil cylinder control and the oil cylinder standard of other hydraulic lifting platforms, in the case of satisfying the planning requirements, reduce the oil cylinder standard as much as possible. The smaller the cylinder standard, the faster the ascent speed; after all, the load of the goods and the tonnage of the goods transported at a time also affect the speed of lifting. The best value for the goods to reach the lithium pallet truck platform is to ensure the speed. If the focus is assumed, the speed will be affected. The goods are too light, which also affects the normal delivery time. In fact, these are relatively simple reasons that affect the speed of the hydraulic lifting platform. In fact, there are other external factors, such as temperature, humidity, and altitude.
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