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What is the cause of the shaking of the fixed aerial work elevator?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-31
Although it is a small problem that the stationary aerial work electric pallet lift truck trembles during use, it is necessary to find out the cause in time and clean it as soon as possible, otherwise it will affect its normal operation. 1. The fixed high-altitude operation elevator has a large load surface, and the center of gravity of the goods will definitely be shifted. In addition, equipment with a large table surface generally needs to be equipped with more than 3 oil cylinders. Due to the problem of the center of gravity, the force of the cylinder is uneven, and the speed of the hydraulic oil entering and returning must be different. In this way, the elevator may tremble or skew the table surface. The use of non-compliant parts in the equipment and production can also cause the problem of low conformity between the guide wheel and the guide rail, which constitutes tremor. 2. Poor oil quality will also make the pressure in the oil cylinder of the tubing pumping station unbalanced, which will also cause problems on the table. Or the oil quality that has been used for a long time has problems, or other things are mixed into the oil. After the oil quality deteriorates, a small amount of blockage can occur in the oil pipe, so that the pressure in the oil cylinder is not the same, and the lifting speed must also be affected. 3. The power supply voltage does not meet the working requirements of the high-altitude operation elevator, the relay will be connected and connected, which will cause the lifting and lowering, and also cause tremor, and the voltage should be adjusted in time. 4. The lubrication of the rolling part of the fixed high-altitude operation elevator should not cause the phenomenon of jamming and tremor, and should be lubricated in time.
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