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What is the correct operation method for electric forklift manufacturers to provide semi-electric stackers?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-05-23
The semi-electric stacker of the electric pallet truck is suitable for operations in narrow passages and limited spaces. It is an ideal equipment for high-bay warehouses and workshops to load and unload pallets and high efficiency. The semi-electric stacker is light and fast, easy to operate, and has Similar to the function of an all-electric stacker. It is extremely convenient to operate, so what should we pay attention to during the operation? Manufacturers of semi-electric stackers and electric pallet truck trucks require that they be used in a flat and hard place, and the lubrication of their various rotating parts should be checked frequently. In addition, the operator’s front view should be broad and highly visible, and there should be enough space around the car to facilitate the work of pushing the car up. If the volume of the loaded cargo is large and the operator's sight is affected, the cargo must be followed by the operator in front. The operating speed must be in line with the surrounding environment, the field of view is poor or pedestrians appear, the speed should be appropriately slowed down, and the horn can be used when necessary. When operating a semi-electric lift truck, the operator's mind must be concentrated, as little as possible to use emergency braking, multiple starts and high-speed turns, to reduce vehicle damage and casualties. When driving, the fork should not exceed 150mm to 400mm from the ground. When using a new car, check the battery capacity carefully. The new car purchased is due to transportation reasons. The battery capacity will not be less than 80%. It is necessary to replenish the battery fluid in time before use, and it can be used safely after fully charging the battery pack. It is necessary to check whether there is any leakage in each oil pipe interface, check the capacity of the hydraulic oil in the oil tank, and add it in time. The high-pressure car manufacturer recommends keeping the electric control board assembly clean and tidy. In order to prevent circuit damage caused by the unclean electric control board, blow it with high-pressure air or clean it with a brush every month for easy use. The above is part of the safe operation process of the semi-electric push-up truck. If you want to know more about this safety process, please contact us in time!
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