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What is the development prospect of electric forklifts?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-14
The development trend of electric forklifts Although my country's electric forklift industry has experienced 4 years of rapid growth, the development prospects of China's electric forklifts are still optimistic not only in the international market, but also in the domestic market. At the same time, the competition in the electric pallet truck market has intensified. Foreign-funded enterprises have occupied the high-end market and have begun to attack the low-end market. In the face of development opportunities and fierce competition, the future development trend of electric forklift products should arouse great attention in the industry.   One of the trends: serialization and large-scale    serialization is an important trend in the development of electric forklifts. Famous foreign companies have gradually realized serialization of their products, forming products of different specifications from miniature to extra-large. At the same time, the cycle of product upgrades has been significantly shortened. Large-scale electric forklift products are characterized by high technology content, long development and production cycle, large investment, limited market capacity, and market competition is mainly concentrated in a few companies. Therefore, my country must increase research and development efforts to avoid being controlled by others.   Experts predict that the maintainability and operability of the new generation of electric forklifts will be stronger, and the display and fault diagnosis systems will be more complete. The'Heli' 25-ton stacker has recently been successfully developed. This product is mainly used for stacking 7-layer containers (the lifting pin is 18.8 meters from the ground). It has international mainstream configuration, convenient and reliable operation, and is equipped with safety protection, status monitoring and failure. Display device.   Trend two: Specialization, multiple varieties    Automatic storage systems and large supermarkets have been established one after another, stimulating the growth of the demand for indoor handling machinery. Various types of storage electric forklifts such as high-performance electric electric forklifts, reach electric forklifts, and narrow aisle electric forklifts have developed rapidly. In order to replace human labor with machine operations as much as possible, improve production efficiency, and adapt to the requirements of narrow urban construction sites and the use of warehouses, docks, warehouses, cabins, farmhouses, building floors and underground engineering operating environments, small and micro electric forklifts It has a place to be used, and it has developed rapidly. There is also an articulated electric forklift, which is mainly used for the transportation of materials in narrow roadways.   On the other hand, the versatility of electric forklifts is also improving, so that users can give full play to the efficiency of the equipment itself and complete more work without increasing investment.   Trend 3: Electronic and intelligent    Products with high reliability and superior performance, as well as mechatronics electric forklifts equipped with advanced electronic technology, have a promising market prospects.   Relying on the development of warehousing, we will develop new varieties, especially the front-moving electric forklift and stacker products. Computer technology has gradually been popularized and applied in electric electric forklifts and incorporated into information control. Unmanned electric forklifts will be suitable for the needs of toxic or special environments, and have a lot of room for development.   Trend 4: Safety and comfort    With the acceleration of the internationalization process, product safety has become a threshold for Chinese companies to enter the international market. The square and pointed appearance of electric forklifts is being replaced by the streamlined arc appearance, which improves the driver's field of vision and improves the safety of operation.   The new electric forklift will pay more attention to ergonomics and improve handling comfort. Studies have shown that the ingenious layout of the cab interior is conducive to improving productivity. If all the controls can be arranged according to ergonomics, the driver will be more comfortable to operate and more able to concentrate on work.  Trend 5: Energy saving and environmental protection    Generally speaking, electric forklifts are divided into internal combustion electric forklifts and electric electric forklifts according to their power. Internal-combustion electric forklifts are powered by internal combustion engines, which are powerful and have a wide range of applications. The disadvantages are that they have greater emissions and noise pollution and are more harmful to human health. In order to improve the energy-saving effect of products and meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, the main consideration is to reduce engine emissions, improve hydraulic system efficiency, and reduce vibration and noise. To be sure, electric forklifts with low emissions and low noise are bound to be welcomed. Battery electric forklifts, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other fuel electric forklifts will surely get further development.   In terms of value, the proportion of transmission components is also quite large. So far, in addition to the more advanced wet axles, most of the drive axles of electric forklifts in China are basically caliper disc brake drive axles.

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