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What is the difference between 24V and 48V for electric forklift batteries?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-04-23
With the promotion of global energy conservation and environmental protection, more and more environmental protection equipment is used. In the forklift market, electric forklifts quickly occupied part of the market due to its quietness, low maintenance cost, convenient operation, and suitable indoor operations. At present, most electric forklifts on the market have 24V and 48V batteries. What is the difference between them? The editor of the electric pallet truck manufacturer is here to give you a popular science. Most of the battery packs are used in series with different cells, such as 24V for cars, 48V for forklift batteries, and 72V for electric golf carts. Through operating investigations in recent years, many battery packs are not operating under the specified electrical parameters. Make the battery pack in an abnormal state such as overcharge and undercharge. The main reasons are: inadequate maintenance, inaccurate instrumentation, and failure to adjust operating parameters in time with environmental changes. The operating parameters have a great influence on the life and capacity of the battery pack. The life of the battery is affected by the float voltage. The battery pack reaches 100% life when the float voltage is 2.23V, and its life is reduced to 75% when the voltage rises to 2.30V. The inaccurate measurement of the meter also has a great impact on the battery pack. For example, according to the manufacturer's instructions, the floating charge voltage of the battery pack is 2.25V, the floating charge voltage of the battery pack is 231.75V, and the DC screen voltmeter indicates 232V, but During the inspection, the battery was spot-checked and found that most of the battery's operating voltage was 2.15 ~ 2.20V, and then the actual output voltage of the charger was only 219V measured with a voltmeter. It is understood that the operating parameters of this battery pack have never been adjusted since it was put into operation for 5 years, which caused the battery pack to be undercharged for a long time. The last thing I want to say is that if you want to buy a forklift battery, it is better to buy a lithium battery directly. The life of the lithium battery is several times that of the battery, so the life is very guaranteed. If you use it frequently, you have to replace a set of batteries in one year, and replace a set of lithium batteries in three years, and you are not afraid to leave them out.
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