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What is the impact of electric stackers on enterprise warehousing

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-26
Most industrial enterprises in our country have their own warehouse management system. Material incoming and outgoing are purchased based on production demand. It is impossible to wait for the materials to be used up before buying. This affects production efficiency and production links are not smooth, so enterprises Will purchase a lot of inventory data. The electric stacker has played a vital role in storing these materials. When there are more materials and the warehouse space is very fixed, the materials will be stacked higher, which saves the workshop space. Generally speaking, the materials accumulated in the warehouse are two to three meters high or higher, which cannot be completed by manual accumulation. If it is steel plate or heavy machinery parts, it is difficult to operate. As long as the electric stacker can reach the requirements for storing products at this time. Warehousing companies can use electric stackers to complete the minimum manpower operations, increase corporate integration, reduce personal injuries and product hazards, and improve operating power. One machine can meet the workload of several people, which can save the company nearly every year. The cost is about 100,000 yuan, and the transfer power is high, the operation safety is high, the repair cost is very low, and it saves worry and money. It is the most ideal investment for enterprises.
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