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What is the maintenance method provided by the warehouse electric forklift manufacturer?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-10
When a company buys a storage electric pallet truck, look at the quality of the forklift before buying it. After the purchase, it must be well maintained before it can take a long time to maximize profits for the company. What should be done? Let the manufacturers of electric storage forklifts introduce to you: The maintenance of electric storage forklifts is divided into three types of maintenance. The first is the maintenance of the electronic control assembly. Because the design working environment temperature of the electronic control assembly is within a certain range, the vehicle using this electronic control assembly should not work under an ambient temperature exceeding a certain range (especially high temperature) . Manufacturers of electric storage forklifts recommend that they do not work at temperatures exceeding the temperature, prevent urban rainwater or other liquids from splashing, and it is strictly forbidden to wash the forklift with high-pressure water to avoid system short-circuits. The second is the maintenance of electric storage forklift batteries. After the battery is used, it must be charged in time. It is strictly prohibited to work excessively (overdischarge), charge with high current, and discharge when the charge is insufficient. Such phenomena will increase the resistance, damage the positive and negative plates, reduce the battery capacity, and make it difficult to use in severe cases. The third is the safety of the forklift charger: before using the charger of the electric storage forklift for the first time, please read the accompanying manual carefully, and before connecting and using the battery, please read the relevant battery manual carefully. Professionals must check whether the battery matches the charger, and confirm that the battery is correctly connected to the matching charger. The internal voltage of the charger is life-threatening, and only professionals are allowed to open and repair the charger. These are the three major methods of forklift maintenance provided by warehouse electric pallet truck manufacturers. If you need it, please contact us!
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