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What is the status of semi-electric stackers in electric pallet truck products now?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2022-07-01

In the electric pallet truck industry, electric pallet truck manufacturers often classify electric pallet truck products according to market demand. The main purpose of classification is to concentrate resources to create hot-selling products, then Where is the semi-electric stacker in the many products of electric pallet trucks today?
The important basis for the status rating of semi-electric stackers must be market demand. However, the research on market demand is not solely based on the sales of semi-electric stackers in a certain period of time. First of all, we need to determine the customer groups and application industries for the semi-electric stacker. Get more three-dimensional data from customer portraits and industry portraits. Of course, sometimes the downturn in related industries will also affect the sales of semi-electric stackers. Therefore, we must not only have a real-time tracking of sales data, but also compare with the horizontal historical data and the vertical sales data of other categories of electric pallet truck products. In this way, historical data is formed, and the sales comparison between different categories is clearer and more reliable.

According to historical data, the sales of semi-electric stackers were relatively stable in 2018 and 2019. After 2020, the sales stagnated or even declined.
Judging from the total sales volume between different categories of electric pallet trucks, the decline in the sales of semi-electric pallet trucks is not because the entire electric pallet truck industry is in recession, but because it has more complete functions and is more convenient to use instead. got it. Since 2020, the sales volume of pedestrian all-electric stackers has gradually surpassed that of semi-electric stackers, and customers generally prefer walking stackers when evaluating semi-electric stackers and pedestrian stackers. In terms of cost performance, the walking stacker is indeed better than the semi-electric stacker.

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