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What measures can prevent the hydraulic oil pollution of the electric lifting platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-10-13
Almost all elevators and lifting platforms will experience hydraulic oil pollution. The primary reason for this problem is that the equipment is usually not cherished and the hydraulic oil will be polluted by a lot of solids. So the question is again, how did such pollution happen? How should we guard against the occurrence of this phenomenon? The primary pollution of the electric lifting platform constitutes the solid pollution of the hydraulic oil of the lifting platform. The primary source of pollution is the sawdust, welding slag and dust left over from the manufacturing process of the hydraulic system and the surrounding connection system. Mechanical impurities, as well as wear debris, rust, and oil oxidation and decomposition deposits that occur during the operation of the equipment. The harm caused by pollution to the equipment. Such solid particle pollution of the hydraulic oil of the electric lifting platform will bring great harm to the normal operation of the scissor lithium pallet truck platform. Pollution accelerates the wear of all related equipment, reduces the function of the hydraulic lithium pallet truck platform, reduces the service life of the equipment itself, jams sports equipment and affects normal operation, easily scratches the surface and causes oil leakage, and even more makes the hydraulic system pressure drastically The lowering and lifting are not in place or the paint-like accumulation film is formed to make the body dull. What we should do is to clean the oil tank, pipes and joints before assembling the hydraulic system of the equipment, and put the pipes that cannot be assembled in time into bags and seal them. The system must be cleaned before the equipment is commissioned, and the internal cleanliness of the piping and fulfillment components must be ensured before connecting with the system. Secondly, when we fill the oil tank of the electric lifting platform, we must repeat the filtering, at least to ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean. We must abide by the operating standards by ourselves, and we must also pay attention to the maintenance and protection operations of daily use, and the training of operators who can respond to emergencies in a timely manner is the key to extending the life of the equipment.
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