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What problems should be paid attention to when the diesel engine is the power of the aerial work platform

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-27
There are various types of aerial work platforms and abundant methods. When the external power supply is inconvenient, diesel engines are a new power choice. Customers have dual characteristics, but the following issues should be paid attention to in the application. Strengths: high thermal efficiency and significant fuel consumption Lower than steam power plant. Economical and practical, diesel fuel is lower in its class, so it is easy to bear. In general, most diesel engines are low-speed, rotating at about 100 revolutions per minute, and can directly drive propellers. Diesel power plants The fuel consumption rate of the diesel engine has been increased to a minimum. Cheap residual oil can be used, and the reliability is high, and the thermal efficiency is close to 50%. The defects of the diesel engine, the polluted air, and the exhaust gas do not directly enter the atmosphere, causing more serious environmental hazards. Production noise, Noise pollution has become another environmental pollution. Diesel engines will severely affect people's work and life. Moving awkwardly, adding diesel oil to the aerial platform stacker will bear the movement and add resistance. It is not easy to start at low temperatures. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5℃, diesel The viscosity is large, and the crankshaft starting resistance torque of the diesel engine is large, which is difficult to start and affects normal operation. In summary, the device of the diesel engine is a double-edged sword. We hope that we can choose and purchase the right to choose on the aerial work platform, and we can choose to use AC conversion If there is no external power supply, you can choose and purchase the battery type aerial platform stacker. The second is the diesel engine aerial platform stacker. All of them. I hope you can save resources and protect the environment during the application process. Thinking.
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