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What safety training do electric forklift drivers need

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-13

  There are many things that electric forklift drivers need to understand before operation, and they must be professionally trained before they can start operation. Then what safety training is required for electric pallet truck drivers:

1. Yes I have a certain understanding of the electric forklifts I drive. With a lifting system, the front vision is poor. The rear wheels turn, and the back of the turning vehicle rotates outward. The sturdy design makes the forklift's own weight larger, and most of its own weight and load fall on the front wheels when loaded, so the stability of the forklift is poor. Read 'Forklift Driving' and the nameplate on the forklift, and be familiar with the forklift and forklift operation specifications.

  2, have operating qualifications. Only trained and approved personnel can operate the forklift.  3. When the forklift is running, do not get off the truck. When getting on and off the truck, use the forklift to safely step on and handle it.  4. Before starting, make sure to release the parking brake of the electric forklift, and place the forward and backward handles in neutral. Before starting, make sure that there is no one on, down, front, or back of the forklift.   5. Check the work area. Check the road to be driven on. Remove rubbish and debris that may puncture the tire or cause the cargo to lose balance.   6. Keep away from flammable materials and power cords, and lean backwards when loading.  18. There are signs on the truck with warnings and methods of operating forklift accessories. Read and implement them before operating.   8. Once the forklift parts are found to work abnormally, report to the forklift maintenance personnel in time.   9. Avoid fire, and never fill the fuel tank when the electric forklift engine is running.   10. Use appropriate attachments and wear protective goggles if necessary.  11. It is forbidden to lift unstable goods and use appropriate pallets.  12. It is forbidden to lift goods above the head, to achieve balanced loading, and to load the goods directly.   13. Do not tilt the mast when the goods are in a high position, and the goods on the forks cannot be stacked too high.  14. Correct parking and storage of electric forklifts. Park the forklift on level ground and close the parking brake pedal.  15. When the electric forklift is loaded with oversized goods that obstruct the line of sight, it will be guided by the guide when it is reversing. When guided by a guide, make sure to understand the meaning of hands, flags, whistles, or other signals.
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