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What should I pay attention to when storing electric stackers for a long time?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-06-16
If the electric stacker is not used for a long time, the corresponding protection and maintenance work should be done to prepare for normal use next time. The matters that should be paid attention to are as follows: 1. The stacker should do the corresponding cleaning work when not in use, and check Whether the parts are intact, record the damaged parts in time or replace them with new ones to facilitate the next use. 2. In the dry season, when the lithium pallet truck is not in use at all times, the lithium pallet truck should be placed in a ventilated and boring position. 3. When placing the semi-electric stacker or all-electric stacker, the power supply and wiring connection should be disconnected. If it is a battery type, in order to ensure that the battery is not damaged, the battery should be charged every other month. Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. hereby reminds: the storage time of the electric stacker is too long, and it needs to be comprehensively checked before the next use to check whether the various parts are working normally. If the stacker is stored for a long time, it may cause problems such as rusting of parts. In order to ensure the normal operation of the stacker, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out, especially those aging or cracked parts should be paid special attention.
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