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When using an electric stacker, have you overlooked these points?

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-08-29
The electric stacker is capable of loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods. This small-wheel electric transfer is simple and light, and the operation is very convenient. Many people said that the operation and application can be understood at a glance, and they are too lazy to read the operation manual. Although it is safe, there are still various small accidents. The editor sorted out a few points that were simply ignored by people during its application: 1. The height of the product on the electric stacker is not allowed to exceed 1.5 meters, so as to avoid transporting and wandering around and hurting people. 2. When using it in a store, you can only pull it from the front, not from the back, so as to avoid collisions between the stacker and its products and surrounding personnel, products, and facilities. 3. When in use, the height of the stacker should be about 2 cm above the ground from the backing plate. It is forbidden to haul products beyond the extra carrying capacity of each stacker. 4. Electric stackers that are not applicable for the time being should be assembled and placed at the designated address in an orderly manner. 5. In case of failure, the monitor will check the cause of the damage. I hope you will pay attention to the safety of yourself and the entire vehicle when using the electric stacker!
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