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Which electric forklift is good for selection considerations

by:Staxx Pallet Truck     2021-07-24
There are many models of electric forklifts on the market, so how do we know which one is better? What should we consider when choosing? Consider the working environment: electric forklifts and hand-push electric forklifts require the ground to be used on hard ground. The flatness of the ground should not be too different. If the ground is greased or painted, you should choose a non-slip type stacker when choosing a forklift. High car.  Considering the workload of the operation: choose relatively matching batteries for different workloads, the user must explain when ordering, and the matching batteries can be selected according to the user's workload during production.  Consider the volume of the goods: the size of the goods to be carried is related to the load center of the fork, and the length of the fork is related to the load capacity of the forklift. It is particularly important to choose the relative fork and forklift.  Considering the lifting height of the cargo: According to the height of the cargo being transported, when choosing a forklift, it generally means that within 1.6 meters, the load will drop by 50kg for every 200mm rise, and this is the calculation.   Consider the size of the channel: the size of the channel is related to the transformation radius of the electric pallet truck, which must be explained when purchasing a forklift.
Precautions for operation of electric forklift during running-in period
Precautions for the operation of the electric forklift during the running-in period:   1. In the early stage of the new electric pallet truck, it is not allowed to carry too heavy cargo, and overloading is strictly prohibited;

  2, preheat the forklift before operation, regardless of This should be done in all seasons.

   3. Before each drive, check the forklift parts: such as engine, gearbox, front axle, water tank, etc., carefully check the leakage of oil and water, carefully and thoroughly Pre-inspection and maintenance shall be carried out in accordance with regulations.   4. Avoid emergency braking, emergency steering, and start slowly.   5. The oil change and lubrication time for the forklift should be earlier than the specified time.   6. Do not run the engine of the electric forklift at high speed without external load.   The above are the precautions for the operation of the electric forklift during the running-in period. Doing the above points can effectively increase the service life of the forklift.
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